Double Identity

Brooklynne moved from her small town school to a big high school after her parents struck it rich. She had to leave all her real friends behind and now make new ones. Will this be an easy task or will the Styles twins prevent this from happening?


6. 6


   Marcel walked me to my class and he pulled me off to the side and kissed me, "Have a good rest of the day" "You too" he left and everyone starred at me when i walked in but i dont care let them stare. The rest of the day went by pretty easy, no homework, easy in class work, except for the class i sat behind harry in. I walked in and he smiled at me, i rolled my eyes and sat down. He turned around and smiled at me and louis did too, "Ello brooklynne" "Turn around harry" "I know you arent much for bad boys but hows about giving us another chance?" "No harry turn around" he laughed a little, "No you dont understand you dont have a choice" those words chilled me to the bone, he said those words last night. "Theres two of us and only one little you" i wish he would stop i feel like crying all over again. Now i had an idea, the teacher came in and sat at his desk to take attendance and harry was still turned around looking at me, everyone else was facing forward. I clapped and it sounded like a smack, "OWW HARRY" i started crying and i stood up holding my face, the whole class looked and the teacher stood up, "Mr. Styles did you just hit this girl" harry looked shocked and stood up, "No i didnt even touch her!" the teacher looked at me and i cried and shook my head, "HE HIT ME" harry raised both of his hands and i threw in a little dramatic effect and flinched, "I didnt touch her" he said starring at me, "He didnt i swear" louis chimmed in. I started crying harder and the teacher looked at harry, "Mr. Styles can you please go down to the office" "THIS IS BULLSHIT I DIDNT TOUCH HER" he slammed his hand down on the desk making everyone jump. "Mr. Styles please leave" he faced me and pointed at me, "THIS ISNT OVER" he left and slammed the door. Everyone starred at me and i sat down still keeping the act going, "Are you ok Miss Thompson" "I'll be fine" i said between fake tears. The day went by fast and i met marcel outside. "How was it?" "I sent harry to the office" his facial expression went from happy to horrified, "Please tell me you're joking" "No i made the teacher and the class think he hit me" "Oh my god Brooke you have no idea what you've done the last person that sent him to the office left" "Why" "Harry beat him so bad he went to the hospital, then he left the school." "He wouldnt do that to a girl" "Wanna bet?" "You'll protect me right" "To the best of my ability but you've made a horrible mistake" we walked home in silence and when we got to his house he didnt stop, "Let me just stay over at your house awhile" i saw harrys car in the distance, "We better go then" he looked back, "Run" we ran to my house and locked the front door. I ran up to my room and locked the door, "Wheres your mom" "She doesnt get home until 10 tonight" "Oh geez" "Its alright we'll be fine" and then i heard the most terrifying thing ever, "HONEY IM HOME" it was harry.

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