Double Identity

Brooklynne moved from her small town school to a big high school after her parents struck it rich. She had to leave all her real friends behind and now make new ones. Will this be an easy task or will the Styles twins prevent this from happening?


5. 5


   Dont get me wrong when marcel took off with brooklynne i wanted to trip him and take her back but i didnt. He finally beat me. All on his own. I was winning at first but its like he had a burst of energy and he just knocked me to the ground. I was so proud of him i didnt let louis go after him. "WHAT THE FUCK HARRY LET ME GO SO I CAN KILL THAT NERD" "No louis just let it go" i felt something on my nose and i wiped it and it was blood. Marcel gave me a bloody nose. Well done brother. My mom was standing at the door, "Harry why was brooke in your shirt?" "It wasnt mine its marcel's and she spilt her drink on her clothes" "Why is your nose bloody?" "Louis and i had a bit of a tussle im fine we're ok now" "You need to clean it up with soap and water and stick some cotton balls up your nose ok?" "Thanks mom" she left and louis looked at me, "What the fuck was that?" "Marcel beat me" "And" "I wanted him to, i tried to beat him but he finally did it" "Whatever i'll see you tomorrow" louis left and i cleaned my nose but i didnt put cotton balls up my nose that was stupid. I went to my room and folded brookes clothes and put them in marcels room. I was walking around my room waiting for marcel to come back when i heard yelling. I looked out my window and louis was beating the shit out of marcel. I ran down stairs and flew out the front door, "LOUIS GO HOME" i grabbed louis shirt collar and flung him backwards. Marcel was just laying on the concrete with a black eye and a bloody nose. I helped him up and when i walked past louis i kicked him, "Dont lay another hand on my brother or i swear to god louis" i walked marcel inside and shielded him from moms view and took him to my room. "Harry i didnt need your help" "well according to the black eye and blood you did" i handed him the wash cloth i used for my nose and he wiped his, "Why did you do that to brooke?" i didnt say anything and he stood up, "Harry you cant do that shes only 17 its against the law" "Not if nobody knows" he sighed in frustration and left. 


   When i came in the door my mom looked at me, "Whos shirt is that?" "Marcels" "Why are you wearing his shirt and not your clothes" "I spilt a drink on my clothes and his mom is washing them for me" "Oh ok did you have fun" "I guess" i went up to my room and layed down in my bed. I wasnt tired but it was late so i just layed there. I smelled marcels shirt and it smelled so good and it was so soft. When i finally did fall asleep i only got about 4 hours of sleep before my alarm went off the next morning. I got dressed and the door bell rang, i grabbed my bag and went down stairs and marcel was in the living room, "Brooke this boy wants to walk you to school" he smiled and he looked more like him now, his hair was slicked back and he was wearing his normal clothes but he was still wearing contacts and he had a black eye."Hey brooke is it ok if i walk to school with you?" "yeah" "Be careful sweetie have a good day" my mom kissed my forehead and we left. We walked a little ways and around the corner and he stopped and looked at me, "Where did you get that black eye? Did harry do it?" "No but it doesnt matter" he grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him and kissed me, "I didnt want to do that in front of your mom" "Good idea" "When you get to class with harry today be careful ok?" "Ok" we walked the rest of the way and to first period together thats the only class i had with him. After it was over he walked with me in the hallway holding my hand and people starred and chattered quietly but i didnt care i loved marcel. 

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