Double Identity

Brooklynne moved from her small town school to a big high school after her parents struck it rich. She had to leave all her real friends behind and now make new ones. Will this be an easy task or will the Styles twins prevent this from happening?


4. 4


   After harry left marcel took my hand and i stood up and he hugged me, "Its ok marcel" "I hate them" "They're just jerks" "Thank you brooke" he let go of me, "im going to go home ok? I had a really good time tonight thank you marcel" i kissed his cheek and he smiled, "Thanks brooke" i left and closed his door, i walked a little ways down the hall way and a hand went over my mouth. I screamed but it was silent. The hands dragged me down the hall and into a bedroom. Harry was sitting on the bed smiling and louis locked the door. Louis had drug me down the hall. "Hello brooklynne" harrys accent was really thick, "Harry what are you doing?" "Come here" "Harry i have to go" i turned and louis was standing in front of the door, "No no" he said with a grin. I went and sat on harrys bed and he scooted close to me, "You know i have had a very deep crush on you... and so has louis" louis sat on the other side of me. "I need to go " i tried to stand up but harry grabbed my hand and sat me down, "Now now stay here love" he put his fingers on my chin and turned my head to look at him and he kissed me, i pulled away instantly, "harry i cant do this" "sure you can" he kissed me again and started putting his hand up my shirt, "Harry no" i said as i pulled away, he smiled, "I dont think you understand you dont have a choice love" louis laughed and harry smiled, "Theres  two of us and only one little you" i was getting terrified, "Harry please" he bit his lower lip and looked like marcel, "Just call me marcel if thats what you're into" louis laughed, "Harry please let me leave" "No can do" he started lifting my shirt and i tried to hold it down but louis helped him and got it off. "There you go" harry said, i was so close to crying, "come on babe loosen up" louis said kissing my neck. He found my sweet spot and i gasped, "Thats it lad" harry said louis started sucking on my neck, "Ow louis stop" i tried to push him away put he stayed solid until he was done sucking on my neck. It hurt so bad and i touched it and it was sore, "It'll get better love" louis whispered in my ear. Harry was starring at my boobs. I put my arms in front of them and harry laughed, he put his hands on my waist line of my pants, "Harry no stop" he smiled and then again louis helped him take them off now i was practically naked and i started to cry, "Dont cry love" harry said as he kissed my neck and he started to kiss down my neck and between my boobs and down my stomach and i heard marcel at the door, "Harry can i come in?" "No go away im busy" louis put his hand over my mouth "dont make a peep" he whispered i was still crying, "Harry is brooke in there?" "No go away" harry was still kissing my body and he was attempting to take my underwear off, then marcel went away, COME BACK. "We need to be quiet" harry said, "keep her quiet" louis nodded and harry got my underwear off. I heard a small noise then harrys door flew open and it was marcel, "HARRY GET OFF OF HER" louis grabbed me and harry stood up, "MARCEL GET OUT" he looked at me and i was balling hoping he would fight harry and help me, "Harry she doesnt like this shes crying" "Thats too bad" marcel tried to get over to me but harry stopped him, "Get out" "Harry i cant why are you doing this to her" he started to shove marcel but he shoved back and louis layed me down and sat on my stomach, "My turn" he said with a grin he bent down and kissed me and i cried, marcel and harry were fighting. Louis looked at me and i felt his fingers inside me, i gasped and put my hands on his chest, "Louis...stop" he smiled and kept going. He took his fingers out and took his shirt off and his pants leaving just his boxers. "Louis stop please" i was still crying and louis was yanked backwards and i wasnt sure if it was harry or marcel, "brooke hurry come on" it was marcel i took his hand and we ran passing harry on the ground and went into marcels room. He covered his eyes, "theres a shirt in the closet" i got in his closet and got a shirt and put it on, "Ok" he looked at me and i wiped my eyes and he hugged me. "Im sorry brooke i should have walked you out" i cried in his shoulder and he petted my hair. He backed away  and i wiped my eyes again, "Let me walk you home ok?" i nodded and we walked down stairs and outside and when we got to my house we stood on the porch, "Brooke im sorry i just heard crying and im sorry" "Its ok you saved me" we stood there a minute and he moved my hair, "Who did that" "Louis, it hurts" "Im sorry" he leaned in and kissed the same spot only gentle, and i gasped. "Thats why he did it huh? Sweet spot" he smiled and i blushed, he kissed me and put his hands on my waist, I actually liked it when he did it, i kissed back and put my arms around his neck, he pulled away and smiled "I really think you should be my girlfriend" "Ok" i was a little out of breath from kissing him, he leaned in again and he kissed me but this time he bit my bottom lip, i let him in and our tounges danced around and we did this for a long time then he finally pulled away, "I'll see you at school tomorrow" i blushed and he kissed me one last time and left. Wow.

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