Double Identity

Brooklynne moved from her small town school to a big high school after her parents struck it rich. She had to leave all her real friends behind and now make new ones. Will this be an easy task or will the Styles twins prevent this from happening?


3. 3


   I fought marcel on purpose. I dont want him to talk to that girl because i liked her. I broke his glasses on purpose too and i wish mom wouldnt buy him a new pair, he needs to quit wearing them he gets bullied at school and i have to stick up for him and im not always going to be there. I really do care about him thats why i do this. After he came and got contacts i got up and went to his room. I knocked on his door and he was doing homework, "Come in" "Marcel im sorry i broke your glasses" "No you arent" "I know but i really want to talk to you about this" he put his pencil down and looked at me and it was like looking in mirror, "Marcel can you please just consider wearing contacts instead of glasses" "No harry i dont want to look like you, you're an arrogant jerk" "What? No im not" "Yes you are" he turned back around, i stood up and spun his chair around to look at me, "Marcel listen to me, do you like getting bullied?" "No" "Then LISTEN TO ME" "See mabye you should change first" i was boiling mad, "MARCEL WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT" "Change your attitude i told you you're an arrogant jerk", i looked at him and down at my knuckles that were white from frustration and i let go of his chair and realized he was right, "Im sorry" i wiped my face and swished my hair, "Its ok harry im not afraid of you like everyone at school is because i know the real harry is underneath all those tattoos and bitterness" i hugged him, "Thanks, louis coming over later" i he frowned and turned back to his homework, "Whats wrong" "Everytime louis comes over you treat me like a nerd and not a brother" "What no i dont" "Yes you do he starts making fun of me and you join in" "No i dont" "Yes you do, get out now i have homework" i left without saying another word.


   I went home and got went to my room. My phone buzzed and i looked and it said :Hey :) this is marcel: i smiled, :hey: and then i didnt get a reply after that but i figured he was busy and saved his number. Mom came in my room and smiled, "Hey brookie how was your first day?" "Good i met a really cute boy he lives two houses down" "Thats good whats his name" "Marcel" "Ohhh i bet hes cute" i laughed, "He is, mom i need new clothes" "whats wrong with your old ones" "I got made fun of today" "Thats awful sweetie but i dont get paid until you get off school tomorrow" "Thats ok mom we can go after school" she smiled, "Im still getting used to this rich buisness, especially since your father left" after we struck it rich dad went and cheated on mom, they split and they each split the money 50 50. "Yeah thanks mom" she smiled and left and i put on some shorts that were too small and a tank top and some slipper flip flops and went down stairs, "Hey mom im going to visit marcel" "Ok be careful and be back beforeeee hmmmm what time is it?" "6" "be back at 10 ok" "ok bye" "Bye" i walked down the street and rang his doorbell. A woman answered and looked shocked, "Oh hello" "Hi im brooklynne is marcel home" she looked even more shocked, "Uh yeah come in" i walked in and their house was just like ours but set up different, "Just go up stairs and to the left 2nd door on the left" "Ok thanks" i followed her instructions and knocked on the door, "Come in" i opened it and marcel looked up, "Hey brooklynne sorry i didt answer your text i was doing my homework" "Its ok" "Why'd you come here?" "I just wanted to hang out with you i dont really have much friends" i was lookind around his room and i finally looked at him and stood there speechless and completely shocked, "oh my god you look like that curly haired boy" he sighed, "Thats because he is my identical twin" "Woah, weres your glasses?" "He broke them" "Sorry to hear that" i sat on his bed and he came and sat next to me and scooted back and turned his TV on, "Marcel you look so different" i scooted back and crossed my legs "I know i hate it" i didnt comment, "Moms getting my new glasses friday" "Thats good can you see?" "Im wearing harrys contacts" he crossed his legs and we were sitting directly in front of each other, "Do you like me not wearing glasses better" "I uh i dont think it matters" the door bell rang again and i heard some one come up the stairs and into what im guessing was harrys room and they were loud, "Thats louis, harrys best friend" "Is he like harry" "Yeah" i looked at him and he had glowing green eyes, "Your eyes are beautiful marcel" "Thanks" i just starred at him a minute and he laughed, "oh im sorry i didnt realize i was starring" "Its ok" "Brooklynne can i do something really fast?" "Yeah sure" he leaned in and kissed me and it was most magical thing ever, it was amazing. We moved our lips together so in sync, he pulled away, "Im sorry" "No dont be that was amazing" he bit his bottom lip and looked at me, "You can kiss me again if you want" he leaned in again and kissed me with more passion. He pulled away, "God marcel" he smiled and i blushed. His door flew open and we both turned, "Aw look the nerd has a girl" the one that i assumed was louis came in his room, "Louis get out" harry came in behind him and he looked just like marcel, "Come on harry come sit" louis sat on marcels bed, "He said get out" i said to louis, "Aww look she sticks up for him" "Louis come on man" harry said looking a little guilty. Marcel stood up, "Louis get out" louis stood up and laughed, "Make me nerd" marcel punched louis right in the face and took him completely off gaurd, louis hit back and harry came and broke it up when marcel was on the floor, "THATS WHAT I THOUGHT NERD" "LOUIS HE IS MY BROTHER STOP" harry threw louis out and helped marcel up, "Marcel im sor-" "NO YOU COULD HAVE GOT HIM OUT JUST GET OUT" harry looked depressed and left. That was about to be twin on twin violence.

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