Double Identity

Brooklynne moved from her small town school to a big high school after her parents struck it rich. She had to leave all her real friends behind and now make new ones. Will this be an easy task or will the Styles twins prevent this from happening?


27. 27


 A couple days went by and I was at the Styles house instead of mine this time. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR HARRY AND MARCELLLLL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUU" they blew out their candles and everyone clapped and cheered, "How does it feel to be 19 boys?" Louis asked, "It feels good my man" Harry said leaning back in his chair, "Hey Mr. You'll break the chair" his mom said pushing him forward. He smiled and i patted Marcel's shoulder, "Happy birthday babe" i said giving him a peck on the cheek, "Will i get my wish?" he asked, "Well i dont know what is it" he pulled my head down where my ear was in front of his mouth, "I want to fuck you until you beg for mercy" he whispered making me shiver. He kissed right below my ear and i stood up real fast, "There is people here" i whispered smiling, "When they all leave, you're mine" i felt my cheeks get hot and he laughed. 


 I was talking to Louis and I looked over at Marcel sitting next to me whispering in Brookelynne's ear and heard 'fuck' and i knew he was getting some tonight. "How are you going to spend your birthday?" "I dont know i might go out and drink a few" "Mind if I tag along?" "Sure mate".

 Everyone left after a couple of hours and some cake. I do have to say this is one of the better birthdays. Louis stayed over and so did brookelynne. "Hey mum im going out with Louis alright?" "Ok baby have fun" she kissed my cheek. Louis and I left, "You'll have to buy it i cant here" "Oh yeahh Americas different" i laughed and we got in the car on the way to the booze place. 


 "Mum im going to take brooke out ok?" "Sure babe" she kissed him like she did Harry and he escorted me out to the car, "I thought you wanted to quote, 'Fuck me until i beg for mercy'" "Not here i reserved a hotel room for us" "When?" "When i went to the bathroom, i wanted it to be a surprise" "Its your birthday you know, not mine" "I know" he reached over and put his hand on my inner thy and rubbed, "Hey now" i said putting my hand on his. I looked at him and he has changed his looks so much in the past month. He doesnt wear his glasses anymore but he still quiffs his hair up but he dresses more like Harry now and it takes a while to get used to. 

We got there and we went straight to the room, "Excited much?" I asked sitting on the bed shaped like a heart. "Hey i got this honeymoon sweet for us to have some fun of course im excited" I smiled. He walked over to me and bent down a little bit and kissed me putting his hands on either side of me on the bed. "Happy birthday" i said breaking the kiss, "Thanks babe" he said starting to kiss my neck. 


 I sat down on the trunk of the car and looked at the lake we parked at to peacefully illegally drink, "I-i wonder if uh" he stopped and looked confuzed and i laughed, "I-i wonder how many fishes there is in there" he slurred "I dunno" he looked at me and smiled, "Harry can you keep a secret?" i dont know what i was thinking but i hesitated for a few seconds, "Sure" i said throwing my 5th empty bottle at a tree. "Y-You know Madison?" which came out as Youknowmadson, 

"Your girlfriend?" "Uh yeah" he took a drink and threw his empty bottle and cracked open a new one and handed it to me then opened on for himself, "Shes a cover up" "What?" my brain was so foggy right now i had no idea what a cover up was. "Shes not my real girlfriend" I laughed, "Well who is then?" he looked at the ground, "Im gay" i almost choked on the beer i had in my mouth. "What?" "Im gay always have been" "What the hell?" "Yeah i know, nobody knows, well but you" "Why'd you tell me?" he looked up, "I thought you should know" I looked at him and felt my heart skip a little. What the fuck! No im not gay! "Ok" i said awkwardly back and the whole rest of the time we both drank in silence.  

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