Double Identity

Brooklynne moved from her small town school to a big high school after her parents struck it rich. She had to leave all her real friends behind and now make new ones. Will this be an easy task or will the Styles twins prevent this from happening?


22. 22


   Marcel stood up and we left. That was terrifying. "Is he ok?" "I dont know im not sure what just happened" "Maybe its his meds" "Maybe" we went to marcel's room and he started packing his bag, "We're leaving ok?" "Alright" after he was finished packing we got the all clear and started home. When we got to his house Anne just smiled, "Hey babe did you have a good time at Liams?" "Oh yeah it was great" he said smiling back and heading upstairs. "Wait wheres harry?" he stopped, "Uh Louis hes going to stay over there for awhile" "Ok" we went up to his room and i sat on his bed while he unpacked his clothes. He took off his shirt and there was still a bandage from his surgery and ribs and he sat across from me. He smiled and looked at me, "Do you remember that day like a month ago when we sat just like this and we kissed" he leaned in and kissed me, "Just like this" "And you wanted more" he kissed me again, "Just like this" i smiled, "Yeah i remember, i'll never forget" he pulled me close where i was sitting on his lap facing him with my legs carefully wrapped around his body. "You are so beautiful" he said kissing my neck. "M-marcel you're hurt we cant do this" my heart was racing and i wanted to so bad but it would hurt him. "Not that bad" he said still kissing my neck and getting my spot. I let out a moan and put my hands on his chest. He laid down and i sat on my knees over him kissing him more passionately filled with love. His hands moved up and down my back under my shirt, he flipped me over leaving him over me. His hands are still in my shirt and ran my fingers through his hair, "This...isnt...a...good..idea" "Sure it is" he took my shirt off and kissed down in between my breasts and on my stomach giving me the chills. I let out a moan and i felt him smile, he kissed back up my body and bit my lip, i let him in and our tongues danced around enjoying every second. He took his pants off and i felt his fingers trace the line of my pants before slipping then off. This is going to be lots of fun.  

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