Double Identity

Brooklynne moved from her small town school to a big high school after her parents struck it rich. She had to leave all her real friends behind and now make new ones. Will this be an easy task or will the Styles twins prevent this from happening?


2. 2


   I went to the first class and i saw the nerd from earlier. The only open seat was next to him so i sat down, he was actually kind of cute. "Hey im brooklynne" he looked at me shocked then smiled, "Hi im marcel" i shook his hand, "I heard you're new here" "How'd you know that" "Word travels pretty fast around this school" "Oh well yeah i moved here from a small farm town" "Thats cool well welcome to our school" he had a slight british accent but it was very faint, "Are you from around here?" he looked a little sad, "No my parents made me and my brother move here from Holmes Chapel in Cheshire england" "Thats a long move" "Yeah" class went by pretty fast and when it was over i quickly gathered my things and right as i was about to leave marcel stopped me, "Hey i didnt get your name" "Oh sorry its brooklynne" "Thats a very pretty name" "Thanks" i blushed a little and he smiled and walked away. Hours 2,3,4,and 5 went by pretty fast then it was on to 6th. I walked in and saw a gorgeous boy, the curly haired one from earlier, talking to another cute boy. I sat down behind him and he turned around, "Dont you think your clothes are a little 'i work on a farm'" "Yes because i did" he laughed, "That wasnt a compliment" his friend laughed and i tried to think of an insult but i couldnt, "You're new here arent you?" "How could you tell?" "You stand out a lot, where are you from exactly blondie?" "My names brooklynne and im from a small farm town" "Where at" "I dont think thats any of your business" he got really uncomfortably close to my face, "I think its my business if i say its my business" he leaned back and turned around and the rest of class he was silent. After class was over i got out of there as fast as possible. The rest of the day went by really fast and i had to walk home, which wasnt a big deal i liked walking. I started home and i saw marcel walking in the same direction so i caught up to him, "Hey marcel" "Oh hey why dont you drive" "i could ask you the same question" he laughed, "Well i just dont see the point it isnt really fun per say and i just like walking" "Me too where you headed" "Home" "Where would that be" "Up the road a ways then a right" "Me too" "So how was your first day?" "In 6th period a curly haired jerk picked on me" he was silent for a minute, "Did you happen to catch his name?" "No" he sighed, "Thats good" "What? Why?" "No reason" that was wierd, but i think i have a crush on marcel, i know hes a nerd but hes a cute nerd. We walked to our street and it turns out he lives 2 houses down, "I'll see you tomorrow brooklynne" he smiled and started to walk away, "Marcel wait, here take my number and you can call me brooke" "Oh uh thanks brooke" he smiled and put my number in his pocket and a car pulled in his drive way. Then the curly haired boy got out. "I think you have to leave now" he said as his smile wiped away, "Why" "Just please go" "Bye" "Bye"I went home wondering why marcel was acting weird.


   I walked with brooke and when we got to my house harry pulled up, this is after she had told me harry picked on her, why does he have to be such an arrogant jerk. "I think you have to leave now" "Why" "Just please go" "Bye" "Bye" she walked to her house and went in and harry came up behind me, "Who was that" "Nobody" i tried to walk around him but he stepped in front of me, "Was that the country trash?" "Harry she isnt country trash shes really sweet i like her" "No marcel you will be even more unliked" "Harry dont say that about her!" i was getting angry and he knew it, "What are you going to do about it nerd" he teased me just like a bully but he was my brother. I swung at him but he dodged it and shoved me into the grass shattering my glasses, "Harry you broke my glasses!" i started to tear up and he jumped on me and sat on my stomach holding my arms down, "Dont cry marcel, dont you do it" he said harshly. I couldnt help it and i let a tear slip. He swung at me and punched me in the cheek and i raised my arm to do it back but he caught it. "You cant fight me." he stood up, "Get contacts" he wanted me to be like him, he has contacts, i stood up and wiped my eyes, and ran up behind him and punched him in the back of the head, "MARCEL" he swung at me and hit me because i couldnt see. I fell down and hit my head on the concrete and mom opened the front door, "HARRY EDWARD STYLES I TOLD YOU NOT TO FIGHT HIM" she came and looked at my glasses and helped me up, "Harry this is the 3rd pair you've broken" "Maybe he should get contacts like me" "He doesnt want to be like you harry get that through your thick head" i dusted off my clothes and went inside and changed into sweat pants and a t-shirt, thats the only look me and harry agreed on. I went into his room and he was listening to music, "Harry" he looked at me and turned his ipod off, "what" "Can i borrow your contacts" i still couldnt see and he always let me borrow some until i got new glasses, "Yeah" he handed me a case and some solvent. I went and put them in and stood at the bathroom mirror and swished my hair and shook it until the gel gave way and my curls came out. I looked just like harry. We are identical twins but i didnt like looking like him. He is a jerk to everybody and he is a delinquent. I liked being Marcel James Styles, not Harry Edward Styles. 

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