Double Identity

Brooklynne moved from her small town school to a big high school after her parents struck it rich. She had to leave all her real friends behind and now make new ones. Will this be an easy task or will the Styles twins prevent this from happening?


17. 17


   I left the hospital and it took about 5 minutes to get you her house. When i got there i looked in my driveway and Zayns car was parked there. I went to knock on Brooke's front door and it slowly swung open. Hmm thats weird, shes a big fan of locks on doors. "Brooke?" i walked in and the whole house was quiet except for a faint noise, "Brooke?" i walked up the stairs and her door was closed. I went and tried to open it, "Brooke are you in there" i put my ear to the door and heard very familiar pleading noises. I stepped back a couple steps and busted down the door to reveal Zayn practically on top of her and she was half naked. "Zayn Malik get out of here" he stood up and brooke covered herself with her blanket, "Hey man whats going on" "get out" he looked a little shocked, "Do you want to have a turn?" "No Zayn get out leave her house and dont come back" "Harry come on" "No she is my brothers not yours" "That nerd? Pshh he doesnt deserve an ass as fine as-" thats when i hit him. Not only does he make fun of my brother but then he says stuff like that right in front of her. I know i've had a checkered past with her but im determined to change it. He stumbled a little then complete anger filled his face. He hit me in the face shattering my classes and making them fall off my face onto the floor. That was the last straw now i really knew how Marcel felt. My face felt like water was poured on my head and i reached up to wipe it and my glasses had cut my face. We full blown started fighting and we were evenly matched untiil i swung harder and he hit the floor, "ZAYN THIS IS THE LAST TIME I'LL TELL YOU GET OUT" he stood up and spit blood on my white shirt. My only white shirt and left. 


   "Be quiet if you know whats good for you" Zayn drug me into my bedroom and shut and locked my door. He picked my up and sat me on my bed and instantly started kissing me and down my neck and trying to get my pants off, "Zayn no please" "Shhh" he kissed me and i didnt kiss back, "Zayn" he got my pants off and now had his hands up my shirt. I started to cry, "Dont cry doll it'll feel real good in a minute" i couldnt help but cry harder. He got my shirt off and layed me down and was over me on his knees straddling my torso. "Brooke?" i heard Harry from the livingroom, "Dont you say a word" zayn said with a glare. I nodded and he kissed me neck, "Brooke?" he was getting closer, there is never a time when i want harry near me but now i kind of need him. "Brooke are you in there?" he was right at my door, come on harry, "Zayn please" "Shhh" i felt his breath on my neck but then my door was kicked in. "Zayn Malik get out of here" he got off of me and i covered myself up. Zayn tried to talk to harry but them he made fun of marcel and harry hit him. After the first hit things went downhill from there. Zayn hit back and they started fighting. After an even match harry swung hard and Zayn fell to the floor, "ZAYN THIS IS THE LAST TIME I'LL TELL YOU GET OUT" harry roared. It was really loud it scared me. Zayn stood up and spit on harry then left. "Get some clothes on" he said leaving my room and proping my door up. Woah what just happened. 

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