Double Identity

Brooklynne moved from her small town school to a big high school after her parents struck it rich. She had to leave all her real friends behind and now make new ones. Will this be an easy task or will the Styles twins prevent this from happening?


16. 16


   I called Liam to take me home and when i got there mom was still up watching TV. "Oh hey sweetie i thought you were staying at a friends" "Nah i decided to come home" are you kidding me i have no friends, the only few I've made are Liam and Niall and they're technically Marcel's friends. I went upstairs and layed my clothes out for tomorrow and went to bed. When i got to school the next morning everything went smooth. I didnt see Zayn which made me think he got suspended. I saw Niall and Liam though, "Hey guys" "Hey hows Marcel?" "I dont know i havent talked to him today" "Zayn got suspended" "I figured" the bell rang and we all went to class. The day went by ok and after school was over completely i began my walk home. I got half way there and a car started following me. I sped up and slowed to see if it actually was and it was. It drove away after a minute and i pulled out my phone and called Marcel, "Hey babe how was school" "Good now im walking home and a car if following me so can you stay on the phone" "Yeah sure its not like i have anything else to do" i talked to him about my day and the car that was following me was parked at Marcel's house. I ran in my front door and locked it and ran to the back door and locked it then the garage door and locked it. I made sure all the windows were closed and i ran up to my room and locked my door. I wish i hadnt had hung up on marcels call just yet. I got out a book and nervously read it for about an hour then i had to go to the bathroom. Stupid bladder in a time of crisis. I unlocked my door and slowly opened it and looked around, no one was there. I ran to the bathroom and locked the door and went. After i was done i walked out and someone grabbed me. I screamed at the top of my lungs but a hand flew over my mouth, "Be quiet if you know whats good for you" i recognized that voice. Zayn. 


   After brooke said goodbye i hung up and set my phone on my stand by my bed. "Harry im hurting so bad" he stood up and walked over to my side, "Do you want me to get the nurse" "Please" he pushed the button and a few minutes later one walked in, "Ma'am my brother is in pain" "We cant do anything about it for know where do you hurt at son?" harry moved over and she came and stood next to me, "It doesnt really feel like my ribs it kind of feels like my ab area" she pressed on it and it hurt a lot. "Did that hurt?" "Yes very much so" she pushed on another spot on my side, "What about that" "Yes" "I think you may have appendicitis" "How did that happen" "It just happens we'll have to get you into surgery and get it removed" "When" "As soon as possible you are not in good shape Mr. Styles" i nodded and she walked out, "Did Zayn cause this?" harry asked, "No you just get it didnt you hear her?" "Well he broke 2 ribs he can do anything, do you want me to tell brooke" "If you could go get her that would be great" "Ok i'll be back" he left and i was left sitting there alone in tremendous pain. 


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