Double Identity

Brooklynne moved from her small town school to a big high school after her parents struck it rich. She had to leave all her real friends behind and now make new ones. Will this be an easy task or will the Styles twins prevent this from happening?


14. 14


   Everyone starred at us when we walked in. I looked at Brooklynne and she gave me a reassuring smile and squeezed my hand. We walked into first hour together and sat down in our seats that were next to each other. People starred but i didnt look at them i just looked at Brooklynne all hour. After class was over i walked her to her next class and she stood outside the door, "Dont let them get to you today ok? I love you" "I love you too" she pulled on my shirt a little which was a cue to bend down, and she kissed me. "Remeber what i said ok?" i nodded and she smiled, "Get to class before you're late" she said with a wink. I smiled and started walking to my next class. Right as i was about to get there Zayn, another school bully, stood in front of me, "Where you going nerd?" "To class" "No you arent" "Zayn please move" "Or what are you going to do math me to death" he laughed at his own joke and pushed me into the wall which took my breath away because of my ribs. "Get out of the way nerd" i didnt say anything i just sat there holding my ribs, "Oh what did i hurt your wittle wibs" he said jamming his finger into them. It hurt a lot you better believe it but i did let him know that. He shoved me into the bathroom and pushed me down on the floor, "How'd you hurt your ribs nerd?" "My names Marcel" "What was that?" "I fell down the stairs" he laughed, "Thats pathetic!" he kicked my stomach. I stood up and caught my breath for a second, "Zayn stop" "Or what nerd?" i threw a punch but i missed and got hit in the face breaking my new glasses. They hit the floor and shattered. I touched my cheek and there was a bump already, "Try again nerd." he started punching me over and over again in my face and my stomach until i hit the floor then he kicked me a couple times, "Zayn, please," he kicked me again and everything went black except right after i heard Brooklynnes voice. 


   I was in the middle of class and i needed to go to the bathroom. I asked to go and the teacher let me. I was about to go in the girls when i heard Marcel's voice, "Zayn, please," i ran into the boys bathroom and saw marcel with a bloody face, "STOP IT" i shoved the boy to the side and bent down to look at marcel, "Marcel Marcel wake up babe come on" i rubbed his stomach and his shirt lifted up a little revealing a bruise. I lifted his shirt all the way up and his stomach was completely purple and his bandages were falling off. I stood up and glared at the boy, "What the hell is your problem who do you think you are beating him like that?!?!" "I think im Zayn Malik and i can do whatever i want" he reached forward and grabbed my hand, "Whats a pretty lady like you doing with a nerd like him" i jerked my hand back and smacked him, "I love marcel!" he held his face a minute then glared at me, "You just made the wrong decision girl. Right after that he smacked me. I spun around and held my cheek with my other hand on the wall. It burns, no one has ever hit me before. He grabbed my waist and spun me around, "Alright are we going to sass again?" i shook my head no and another blonde boy walked in. "Zayn lad whats going on?" "Niall go away this doesnt involve you" i looked at him and cried and tried to mentally plead him to help, "Zayn she doesnt want to be in here" "Yes she does" "I dont think so, do you want to be in here?" i shook my head no. Zayn pushed me into the wall and i smacked my head and fell to the floor, "FUCK YOU NIALL" he started to attack niall. They were evenly fighting for a minute but niall won and kicked Zayn out of the bathroom. He walked over to me which i was still dizzy from my head hitting the wall. "Are you ok?" "No please help me and Marcel" i sat up against the wall and he rolled marcel over onto his back and picked him up and slung him over his shoulder, "Come on i'll take you to the nurse stand up slow ok?" i nodded and stood up, he put his arm around me to support me and took me and marcel to the nurse. "Oh my lord what happened?" "Zayn Malik beat them" "Alright could you go to the office and let them know i'll clean them up" he nodded, "Take care" he said to me before he left. The nurse looked at me, "Darling your nose is bleeding here put these in your nose" she handed me some long cotton sticks and i stuck them up my nose. "What happened to him" she said pointing to his bandages, "He uh fell down the stairs and broke a couple ribs" "Well hes broken a couple more im going to call an ambulance" "Ok" "You can go back to class now" "No could i please go with him?" "Sure sweetie" she called the ambulance and Marcel woke up, "Brooklynne" he softly whispered, "Its ok im ok you're ok you're going to be fine" he touched my cheek, "Zayn?" i nodded and he looked sad, "No its ok it didnt really hurt i promise". The ambulance came and they carried Marcel out and harry came out of the school, "WAIT WAIT hes my brother i need to go" he sat in the ambulance next to me but didnt say a word. When we got to the hospital they took Marcel into the ER and we waited in the waiting room. "Who did this to him?" "Zayn" he mumbled something under his breath but all i heard was cussing. The nurse came out, "You guys can go see him now" we went to his room and he had a new bandage and his face was all cut up and swollen and bruised. "Brooklynne" he held out his hand and i took it and kissed his forehead, "How do you feel?" "Swollen and t hurts to breathe" that broke my heart, "Im sorry" "Who took me to the nurse" "A kid named Niall" "Hes a good guy" "Yeah" he looked at harry, "what are you doing here?" "You're my brother i have to come to the ER with you" "Brooklynne why did Zayn hit you" "I tried to defend you" "You didnt have to" "Marcel you would have died" "No i woudnt have" harry stood up and pulled some glasses out of his back pocket and put them on. They werent like Marcels but they were black rimmed and more square. "Harry what are those?" "I didnt want to wear my contacts in today, my head has been killing me all day i refuse to wear them at school" "Why?" he shrugged and i looked at Marcel who was laying there with his eyes closed. I kissed his cheek and started to back up but he grabbed the back of my head and kissed me on the lips. I felt every little bump and split in his lip and i was scared to kiss him. He bit my bottom lip and i let him in and our tounges danced around exploring every inch of each others mouths. He pulled away and smiled at me, "You know how to make me feel better every time" i smiled and blushed a little and sat down in the chair next to his bed. I dont know how long we'll be here but i'll stay for every second.

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