Double Identity

Brooklynne moved from her small town school to a big high school after her parents struck it rich. She had to leave all her real friends behind and now make new ones. Will this be an easy task or will the Styles twins prevent this from happening?


10. 10


   We went to my house and Liam stayed over for dinner. It wasnt much just TV dinners but it was good. "When do you have to go home marcel?" "Its doesnt matter" "ok" we finished dinner and we were bored. "Hows about we watch a movie" "Ok let me go to the bathroom first" marcel said getting up and leaving. "What movie Liam?" "What do you have?" "Everything" "Erm what about Lion King funny, cute, yet sad and disney" i laughed "Ok" i put it in and Marcel came back and sat on the couch really close to me. "Hey babe what are we watching?" "Lion King" "Alrighty" we got about halfway in and Marcel started kissing my neck he went all around and hit my sweet spot i gasped and liam looked at me, "Come on babe lets take this up stairs" "o-ok" he stood up and took my hand, "Liam we'll be back" "Ok" he looked at marcel weird, "Ok" we went up stairs and Marcel sat on my bed and i sat next to him and he started kissing me wildly, man he was acting funny. "Hold on" he pulled a condom out of his pocket, "dont want babies" i nervously smiled and in a few seconds he was back with just his boxers on and he quickly switched the lights off. I felt his hands slowly lift my shirt and take it off and he kissed my body, "Marcel should we do this?"  "Yeah babe" he kept kissing me and he slowly laid me down and took my pants off. He kissed my lips and bit my bottom lip and i left him in, he was kind of forceful and i had those awful memories of harry. He didnt stay long before he took my underwear off and stcuk his fingers in while rubbing my clit, "You like that babe?" that was familiar im starting to get worried but it felt so good. "Y-yes" i heard a knock at the door and it was liam, "Hey brooke can i come in?" "NO" "Should i stop the movie?" "No keep watching it" "Oh ok i'll erm be downstairs" "Ok" 


   I knew it was harry and not marcel as soon as he walked in. He carried himself different and marcel would never just flat out make out with a girl in front of anyone. I went up stairs after they did hoping i could stall or even stop them. "Hey brooke can i come in?" "NO" "Should i stop the movie?" "No keep watching it" dang it i ran out of stalling ideas. "Oh ok i'll erm be downstairs" "Ok" i ran down to the bathroom to try and find marcel and the window in the bathroom was open. I ran outside and there was a cellar right by the window. I opened the cellar doors and marcel was laying at the bottom of the stairs. "MARCEL" i ran down the stairs and he sat up really quick, "Liam help me hurry hes going for brooke" he was wearing harrys clothes and his hair gel was gone. "Ok ok" he was chained to the railing. "Find a key or anything to pick this or something to break it hurry" i ran around the whole basement and found a screw driver. Now i had to Magiver it and make it work. I jammed the screwdriver in the lock and pushed as hard as i could. After lots and lots of tries i finally got it. "Hurry lets go" we ran up the cellar stairs and up to brookes room and we knew we were to late.


   After liam left harry took his fingers out, "You a virgin babe?" "Yes" and he waisted no time and i felt him inside me and he started thrusting faster and faster and harder, "MARCEL IT HURTS" he didnt listen and kept going harder and faster, "MARCEL" i was overwhelmed with pain and pleasure. Not long after i climaxed and he kept going until he did as well. He layed beside me a minute then put his clothes on, "Wait where are you going" "I have to go now" he said but then my door opened and harry and liam were in the door way. Liam flicked on the light and i covered myself with my blanket. "Harry get out" marcel said beside me, "No brooke this is marcel" liam protested. I looked at both of them as they stood side by side and they looked exactly alike, "I- uh- i dont know" harry took my hand, "Brooke im marcel please believe me" "No brooke its me" what i thought was marcel grabbed my other hand. I looked at liam and he pointed to what i thought was harry. "Ok i have a question" they both stood up, "Ok you" i pointed to the one that looked like harry, "Take off your shirt" he did it no questions asked and i saw the bandage. Shit. I just had sex with harry.I started to cry and harry walked out dressed as marcel and marcel hugged me, "Its ok i forgive you dont be upset" "I did it with him" i sobbed into his chest, "i know its ok" "you cant forgive me i did such a wrong thing marcel" "yes i can you didnt know" "I should have" no its ok" liam left and marcel cuddled with me and comforted me sitting in my bed. "Im so sorry" "Its ok" he petted my hair. "You didnt know, i still love you" 



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