Well This is how it all started...

Emily a 19 year old girl was from California and she is a big fan of One direction she loves Harry mostly he is sweet charming and good looking! One day when she went to a meet and greet when she met harry he kept looking at her at kissing her cheek. WOW a really good day for her!

Will they fall in love or not????


3. The Text he sent <3


When Jenny got home I decided to take a short nap on my bed I was feeling really tired standing in line for 4 hours. It was 10:26am so I changed into my pajamas and tied up my hair in a bun and fell quietly asleep.

3 Hours later...

I heard my phone buzz so I saw a blocked number it said: "Hello love are you busy right now ?"-H

Oh I totally forgot to put his contact in my phone. When I was done putting a contact in I texted him back.

Emily: Oh no I am not. Are you?? :)

Harry: No not really want to do something today? ;)

Emily: Sure what do you want to do :D

Harry: Picnic!?

Emily: Sure Come over at 12:00 I will give you my address.. :p

Harry: Fantastic! I will bring some snacks okay? :-)

Emily: Yeahh okay!

Harry: Great.

I got out of bed very excited and got ready. I wore a Rolling stones T-shirt but I cut the short sleeves long time ago,I added it with some denim jeans and rolled them up an inch,and some black Vans. I  put my hair in a high pony tail and did my makeup.

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