Well This is how it all started...

Emily a 19 year old girl was from California and she is a big fan of One direction she loves Harry mostly he is sweet charming and good looking! One day when she went to a meet and greet when she met harry he kept looking at her at kissing her cheek. WOW a really good day for her!

Will they fall in love or not????


2. Meet & Greet YAY


When me and Jenny arrive to the meet and greet it was so long and it was like 4 blocks away from the actual meet and greet wow!

" Holy Crap!"she exlaimed

"Holy Crap indeed Jenny" I said

When the hours passed by I waited in line and Jenny got us both food and drinks we met lots of people and some of them liked my outfit teehe tehee :)

4 hours pass..

"Finally were like next in line I thought I was gonna die" Jenny yelled

"You can say that again!" I said

"NEXT!" a deep voice shouted he must be the body guard or the dude who saids "NEXT" so loud,like sheesh calm down. When we walked up to the guy he saw our ID'S and bracelts he verified us and told us to go straight into the hall. I was getting so nervous like I haven't met them yet its so exciting! When we got closer to the room I heard lots of laughing and chattering.

"Hello!" exclaimed Harry ugh I love his dang voice so lovely!

"H-hi" I said nervously he hugged me and rubbed my back so I wouldn't be nervous. ;)

He kept staring at me like his eyes were so hiptonyzing. Jenny went first to take a picture with them she told zayn to kiss her cheek and hug her she paid for the photo and waited in the hall with me.

"Hey it was amazing ahh i love zayn so much!!!"

"Yup what do I do now??"

"OH well you go to the photographer write down what you want the boys want to do and presto!!"

"Okay thanks!" I hugged her and left

When I did what she told me too and finished the guy told the boys what to do and took the picture.

I wanted 2 pictures so for the 1st one I just smiled with them,the 2nd one I told harry to kiss me in the cheek and the boys would just make a silly pose in the background! How fun!

But then when the guy was going to take the photo Harry slid a little note in my back pocket it looked like his phone number!! I saw him writing something earlier in a small notepad. When I walked to leave Harry whispered..

"Text me babe your really cute"

"okay! for sure!" I whispered back and gave him my phone number in a notepad that was left on a counter.

Going home.....

"Hey guess what??"



"OMFG he did lucky" she shoved me

"He said to text me" i whispered and i totally forgot dumb ;p

"Text him god dammit!" she yelled'

"But not until 3:00" I said

"why?!' she answered

"The meet and greet doesnt finish until 3 duh!"

"Oh silly meh!"


We were silent the whole ride home...........


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