Well This is how it all started...

Emily a 19 year old girl was from California and she is a big fan of One direction she loves Harry mostly he is sweet charming and good looking! One day when she went to a meet and greet when she met harry he kept looking at her at kissing her cheek. WOW a really good day for her!

Will they fall in love or not????


1. GoodMorning :)


      Hey! I am Emily Rose I'm 19 and from California all the way baby! I am in love with the one and only Harry Styles! He is my favorite because he is charming sweet and has gorgeous eyes. But yeah anyways let me tell you the way I personally look okay??

I have long shiny thick black hair,curvy hips,Spanish lips,light brown eyes,and tan skin :) I cant always tell you about me lets move on :).

This morning......

My alarm clock from my black iphone4 wakes  me at exactly 6:00. I am going to the Meet-and-Greet with my friend to meet One direction.

"Shut up!" I say to the annoying alarm I turn it off and sleep for like 5 minutes. When I close my eyes gently I hear the sound on my phone as like a text message.


Jenny: Hey girl wake up its time to get ready for the meet and greet ahhhh!!!!!

Emily: Yeah, I am already up I cant wait either!!

Jenny: Wear something that is cute I am wearing something sexy!

Emily: We are just meeting One direction NOT going to the not club HAHA! :p

Jenny: Well I want Zayn to notice me, he will adore me ;)

Emily: Fine, but dont  end up wearing a strippers outfit :D

Jenny: Hahaha I wont ;p

When I am done reading that message I get out of bed I do my bed and head to the bathroom to take a quick shower. I think about what I wear because I have a bunch of clothes and it's really hard to. #thestruggle.

As I am done taking a shower I go into the closet and get the clothes I chose in my head. I chose: A white ruffled tank-top, denim jacket, light blue soft jeans, and dark blue TOMS shoes. I combed,dried,straighted my hair and did my makeup lightly.

When I was done with all of that it was 6:25 wow that was such short time. I went down the hall and ate some cereal and brush my teeth.I just got a text from Jenny ah what does she want now.


Jenny: Are you done cuz I am on my way now :p

Emily: Yes I am what are you wearing though :?

Jenny: Oh its simple and sexy! It's er.. a strapless red tee up to my belly button ohaha:) Some black tight leggings and red&black doc martins hbu?? :3

Emily:Well its not sexy but really simple. white ruffled layered tank top, denim jacket,soft blue jeans,anddd.. dark blue Toms :D

Jenny: fashionable, and simple hey I am three blocks near your house come outside :)

Emily: Okay ;) AHHH I AM EXCITED!!


In the car..

" Hey what are you gonna ask them to do" she asked with a funny smirk

"What do you mean" I answered

" Well you know how like girls have pics of them kissing the boys, like what pose??!" she said

" I dont know yet but I think the line to get in is gonna be long"I replied

" AHH dont worry I am gonna ask zayn to kiss me and hug me!" she blurted out in the awkwardness in the long ride.

" ahhhhhhhhh" I sigh


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