my heart never stops beating for you

When April's sister steps a bit to far what will happen? Will she be thrown in a insane hospital? Will new love blossom or will it wither away? Find out more and read it!


1. You kidnapped one direction!?

April's pov- (two hours before) 
'May you gotta stop doing this stuff! Your disease isn't gonna get you out of everything!!!' I yelled at my sister. My sister has a disease that makes her doing things before her brain can process it. 'Its not my fault! I try things to try them and because of my disease.' She yelled back and slammed the door and left. 
I was going crazy I kept calling her she never answered. I was about to call the police but i heard my phone ring. I ran and picked it up. 'May? May are you ok?' 'Fine I just need your help come out side.' I walked out I saw she was dragging some people. 'What the hell you kidnapped people!?' 'Not just some people.' She dragged the two she had downstairs. She walked back up and went back to the car. Man isn't she strong? Wait what the hell am I saying? She came back with two more. So far they were all boys? What the hell she gonna rape them or something?she took them downstairs, she went back and got one more and took him downstairs. I saw she locked the door. 'Who did you kidnap?' 'Kidnap is a strong word, what about surprise adoption.' 'What the fuck!' 'Go down and look.' 'Come down with me you go first.' She unlocked the door and went downstairs. I looked and saw familiar faces. 'OH MY GOD YOU KIDNAPPED ONE DIRECTION!?!?' I screamed at her. 'Yeah.' 'Thats all you have to stay for yourself? Yeah? What the actual fuck, let them go!' 'Cant they saw me kidnap them so they'll go to the police.' 'Great.' I saw the boys started to wake up. I ran upstairs. I started to panic. This is soooo over broad for her, she never done thus before. 
Harry's pov- (2 hours ago)
We were walking back from the club. We were all pretty buzzed. Next thing I know walking and then I heard Liam and Louis drop. Then Niall and Zayn. I got scared. I looked around then I had a clothe on my mouth then I blacked out. 
Mays pov-
What's so bad? I mean she loves them to. She's blaming it all on me. I saw them started waking up. I clapped happily. I saw Harry wake up first. 'Hi!' I said perkily. 'Who are you!?' 'Hi I'm may!' I got five chairs and I tied Harry to it first then rest of the boys. 'Let's us go!' He screamed? 'Sh sh sh, no need for yelling and I can't do that babe.' 'And why not!?' 'You seen my face babe.' 'Dont call me that!' I saw Louis and Liam were waking up. 'Joy almost everyone's up!' I squealed. I ran upstairs got food and drinks. 
Niall's pov-
'Harry' I whispered. 'Yeah Niall.' 'I woke up a while ago and I saw Mays sisters she isn't happy I think if we get to her she'll get us out.' 'Ok mate.' I heard her come down. I laid my head back down. 'I have food and drinks.' My stomach rumbled. Not the time stomach. I heard all the boys where awake. Let us go and who are you the boys asked. I heard singing coming from upstairs. It was best song ever our new one that just came out a week ago. Who ever that was had a good voice. May left and I looked at the boys. They were freaking. 'Guys calm down I have a plan.' They all looked at me. 'Niall!' They cheered. 'Whats it mate?' 'Well I have been up for a while and I heard her sister yelling at her I think if we get to her shell let us go.' They nodded. 'Ah Niall you are up now.' May smiled at me. I turned my head to not look at her. 'Aw don't be that way nialler.' She went back up. I looked at the clock on the wall it was about 3. 'May be now!' Her sister yelled. 'Coming!' Se ran upstairs. 
April's pov- 
I'm gonna give my sister sleeping spills so she doesn't wake up. 'Here take them.' She put them in her mouth and swallowed them and walked up stairs. I waited about a hour and got a bobby pin and unlocked the door. I saw the boys whispering. I faked coughed. They looked up. 'Let us go please we won't tell anyone.' Liam said. 'I will.' There smiles brightened up. 'But not today. My sister suspects I'm gonna do something so imma gonna do it tomorrow. And you don't need to get to me I'm not letting her hold you guys here.' 'Wait you heard me?' Niall asked. 'Vents.'i pointed. They ahed and nodded. 'Guys ill let go, I'm serious, if I take the ropes off your wrists you won't try anything?' They nodded. I got my pocket knife and cut they boys wrists. I ran up stairs and got them pizza. 'I didn't know what you guys liked so I just got cheese and I wouldn't eat anything my sister gives you, she probably drugged it. I gave them a plates and gave them each three pieces except for Niall I know he loves his food. I turned on the tv.  'One direction gone missing?' They lady on the news said. 'Shit, she's so fucking stupid.' 'What's wrong with her?' 'She  a disease, it's whether body does something before her brain process it.' They ohed. 'Yeah it doesn't help pretty much every night sheets arrested for doing stupid crap. I have to use her disease as a excuse so I don't have to pay because we don't have much, I'm trying out of xfactor just trying to see if I can make it and have money and live my dream.' 'Hey you have a beautiful voice.' Niall said. 'Wait you heard me?' 'Yeah it was very exquisite, different, strong, and passionful.' 'Different what do you mean?' I got a little upset. 'No that's good. Because all you hearts is in the sing when you sing it. It makes your voice strong and clear and beautiful.' I was about to cry, my idol just told me was amazing! OMG ok guys she's Gonna wake up soon so just act how you were before she won't suspect a thing.' I got rope and loosely tied it and turned off the tv. I ran up into my room and went to sleep.

-first chapter! Yaya! 


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