my heart never stops beating for you

When April's sister steps a bit to far what will happen? Will she be thrown in a insane hospital? Will new love blossom or will it wither away? Find out more and read it!


2. Breaking out!

April's pov-

 I was woken up by someone screaming. I pushed my covers off me and ran downstairs. When I was running down the stairs I almost fell. When I got down there I saw may on her knees in front of Harry giving him a blow job. 'Stop!' Harry yelled. 'May!' She turned around and looked at me. She zipped his pants back up, whispered in his ear, and winked at him. I walked over to her and pulled her upstairs. 'What the hell may! That's practically RAPE!!' I yelled loudly. 'He would of enjoyed it if you hadn't got in the way!' She yelled and ran up to her room and slammed the door. I sighed and went downstairs. ' I don't think I can take this any longer!' Harry said. 'When are...' I put on my finger time mouth and pointed to the Vern's. 'he nodded.' 'Ill get you guys breakfast!' I walked up stairs got six bowls and three boxes of cereal and I got milk. I walked downstairs. I cut the ropes and handed each of them a bowl. I poured in cereal and milk. I turned on the tv. '1D still gone missing. What happened to the beloved boyband? Did they just fall out the face if the earth or kidnapped? We won't know until we find them.' I changed the channel. I cleared my throat. 'Want a scary movie marathon?' They sured first it was paranormal active, the house at the end if street, and scream. I made sandwichs for boys. I saw may walk downstairs. 'April!' 'Uhm.' 'Why are the boys arms untied!?' 'Because they needed to eat!' 'You could of hand feed them!' 'Im not treating them like there babies.' 'Whatever! When they get police in us you'll begging did with me!' She walked in the living room. I went back downstairs, and handed them sandwiches. I got up and whispered in Niall's ear, 'I'll come done when we can go,okay?' He nodded. I giggled and turned off the tv barely tied there arms and went upstairs. 'May time for your pills.' She came downstairs put them in her mouth and went back upstairs. I went in my room and waited a hour. I tiptoed by her room. I heard her lightly snoring. Perfect. I went downstairs and unlocked the door. I went downstairs. I got a knife and started cutting Harry's ropes. 'I knew it! I can't believe you April! You always take things that are most important in my life!' I turned around and saw may with a pistol. 'May put down the gun.' 'No you are gonna take them away from me just like you took mom and dad!' 'There people not dolls may! I took mom and dad away from you what did you mean!' 'Mom and dad would do anything for you but when it comes to me they wouldn't do anything for me! Like you turned them away from me!' 'May they do anything for you, they loved you.' 'No they didn't! You still have me!' 'Not for long.' She pulled the trigger. I got shot in the arm because of her bad aim. The boys screamed. I held my other hand on my arm. She was about to pull it again when I tired to take it away from her. I stepped on her foot, she dropped the gun. She was about to punch me but I grabbed her hand. 'You know when I said i had work I did have work but not at the mall at  servers services and the taught me things you'll never know.' I punched her right in the face. I was losing a lot of blood. I hurried and cut all the ropes. I finished and then i blacked out. I heard Niall screaming at me to keep my eyes open. But I'm to tired.

nialls pov-

May shot April. What the fuck sister would do that to her sister?! I ran over to mays sister.she really didn't tell us her name. 'Someone call the ambulances!' I yelled I saw Zayn ran upstairs. I heard him shouting at the phone. I kept pressure in her wound. My face with wet tears. I heard the sirens. Zayn opened the door and lead them downstairs. They lifted mays sister and may in a stretcher and took them in the ambulance. The said only one can go. I said I would the boys took mays car. When we got there the police kept asking us questions. We answered them and went to wait on mays sister. The doctor came off. 'Shes wake now you can go see her.' I ran to her room. 'Hey Niall,' she smiled. She was pale I mean really pale. I walked over to her bed and kissed her hand. 'April.' 'What?' 'My name it's April.' 'Oh,' I laughed. 'What are they doing about my sister?' 'I think there taking her to prison for a while.' 'No Niall, she's the only thing I have left.' 'You have me and the guys now.' She smiled. 'Can I talk to one of the officers?' 'Of course they have questios for you to.' She nodded. I went out and called one in. He went in and shut the door. 

Aprils pov-

'Miss Love I'm officer jack but you can call me jack.' Se nodded. 'What is it?' 'Can you please not send my sister to prison she's not ready for that yet.' 'Im sorry but I don't think I can do that.' 'She has a disease that makes her body do things before her brain can process then, please at least send her to a mental hosiptal please.' 'Ok I'll talk to my boss. Oh yeah I have some questions.' 'I know.' 'Ok why did your sister do this?' 'I already told you.' 'Why didn't you let them go when you saw your sister take the to the basement?' 'Because she knew I do something so I waited a day.' 'Ok I'll talk to my boss and ill call you when I have answer.' I nodded. He sent the boys in. 'Hey guys.' I said weakly. 'You don't want your sister to go to prison?' 'I want her to go to a hospital to help her.' They nodded. 'Guys can I get some rest I'm tired?' They nodded and walked out except Niall. 'Im gonna stay with you.' He said. I smiled and nodded. I patted a spot on my bed. He kicked his shoes off and laid next to me. 

Next morning-

I was woken up my a person clearing there throat. I looked up and saw jack. 'Hey jack.' I looked at my position with Niall. My head was on his chest, his arm wrapped around me. 'I got your answer.' I shot up. 'Well what is it, spit it out please.' 'My boss said yes. We are taking her in ten minutes so you have a few minutes to say goodbye.' I nodded. I got up. I was a bit wobbly. Jack laughed and helped me. He guided me to my sisters room. He let me walk the rest the way in. He shut the door. I saw she was handcuffed to the bed. I was shocked. 'Ah look who it is.' She said. That's all she said. 'Your going to get help may.' 'I don't need help! I needed a loving mom and dad but you took them away and then they died!' She yelled. 'They loved you just as much as they loved me!' 'Bullshit April, you and I both know that.' I began crying. 'Aw who's the baby now big sis?' I wiped my eyes. 'April times up we are taking her now.' I just nodded. They under handcuffed her and when they got her up and handcuffed her again. She was walking by me and said,'I'll get you back for this April! I hate you! You ruin everything.' With that I crumbled to the floor. I heard a knock I saw Niall. He looked at me with sad eyes. He walked over to me and pulled me in his lap and rocked me side to side and sang little things in my ear. He kissed my head and said everything's gonna be ok. I fell back asleep in his arm while he was singing.

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