my heart never stops beating for you

When April's sister steps a bit to far what will happen? Will she be thrown in a insane hospital? Will new love blossom or will it wither away? Find out more and read it!


4. Audtions part (1/2)

Aprils pov~

It's time i'm really nervous. I'm shaking a bit. Niall came over to me and kissed me softly on the lips. I relaxed right away. it was my turn. "Hi doll whats your name?" "April." "Well April show us what you got!"

Skips song-

i got all yes, I smiled widely. I thanked them and ran off stage. I ran into Niall's arms and kissed him. He hugged me tighly and kept telling me i did a wonderful job. We went out to celebrate. We went to some club by Niall's house. we were dancing and drinking. It was the best night of my life. Niall and I went home. I was super drunk, i was all giggely and bubbly, so was Niall. But he wasn't as drunk as me. I was to happy to give a damn really about anything. I was thinking that all the judges said yes and that I'm in the next round. When Niall fell asleep, I went into his secert place were he puts his alcohol. I got his strongest type and opened it. I went outside drinking it and singing. I heard foot steps behind me. I turned around and saw Niall staring at me with a small smirk on his face. "you know i was saving that for something special, well i guess this is something special. He took the bottel took a few drinks from it. I laughed, I took the bottel from him and placed it on the table. I smashed my lips on to his not caring about anything just about Niall and me. He deepened the kiss and pulled so close to him. My chest was up against his. He rapped his arms around my back pulling me closer. Now my chest was sneezed by his. I laughed and moved my head back. I was smiling at him while trying to catch my breathe from the kiss. "Let's go back to sleep babe." He said in a deep voice and held his hand out for me to take it. I obeyed him and took his hand and walked up to his room. i laid on the bed next to him. He pulled my body so close to his that i can feel his breathe on the back of my neck. i smiled against his chest and feel asleep with his arms rapped around me protcetively.

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