The Fan Fiction Here: Febronia(Me), Ereni, Christeena, Sarah, and Merna were put out for adoption by our parents. Our parents didn't like us I really don't know why (but not like we liked them anyways). We were put out for adoption on adoption day. We were a REALLY big directioners and to our surprise One Direction was adopting and they looked around to find 5 girls to take home. They picked US!!!! Our new lives began now...


3. The Car Ride

*In The Car*

Harry P. O. V.

I was looking at Febronia the whole car ride. Me, Febronia, Niall, and Merna were in the back back since we were in a van Liam, Christeena, Zayn, and Sarah were in the first back and Louis and Ereni were in the front. Lou was driving. I was to shy to talk to Febronia but I had to say something it was awkward cos every one was talking except me and her its not normal I'm in the NUMBER 1 band. She was special I've never felt like this before ok here goes "Hey ummm... Are you a Directioner?" "OF COURSE WHO ISN'T" she practically yelled which made me chuckle and then she giggled. "Wanna play 20 questions" I asked. she said "sure you start" "Ok so what's your nickname?"               "My nickname is Febe."  "ok Febe, Do you like me?" She blushed, "Ya, actually I LOVE you alot!!" she kinda yelled and everyone looked back at us confused but louis looked at us through the mirror. "What?" She asked. they all shock there head and turned back to there conversations.

Niall P. O. V.

We looked back at Febe as i heard them say is her nickname and she said that she loved him alot and she was blushing. But eventually we went back to our conversations. "Do you know the girls?" I asked. "Ya we are super close friends" " Ok How old are you... and the girls" "We are all 17" "ok so why are you guys adopting girls" " Simon thinks we should get... uhhhh girls to keep us grounded" I had lied he thinks we should have girlfriends to keep us grounded cos we are crazy. "Hey every one attention" They all looked at me and I continued, "Girls will you be in the Best Song Ever we want girls in it we were gonna have Zayn dress up as a girl but that's to creepy" All of the girls say "of course" at the same time. Me and the boys smile. "Lets pick parts when we get to the hotel cos you ladies will be coming on tour with us." The girls screamed loudly. My eardrums almost burst.

a/n SORRY it's not that long You like it please tell ur friends to read this thank you LOVE YA STYLES!!! ~Febronia

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