The Fan Fiction Here: Febronia(Me), Ereni, Christeena, Sarah, and Merna were put out for adoption by our parents. Our parents didn't like us I really don't know why (but not like we liked them anyways). We were put out for adoption on adoption day. We were a REALLY big directioners and to our surprise One Direction was adopting and they looked around to find 5 girls to take home. They picked US!!!! Our new lives began now...


2. Adoption

Febronia P. O. V.

*Next Morning*

I woke up to my parents yelling wake up. I suddenly woke up almost falling off my bed on my butt.


Mom: "fast hurry hurry andellai"

Me:"Oh my gosh" i whisper "OK OK" i yell. I get up lazily and got dressed into this...

because I'm a Harry's girl.... When I was done I went downstairs with my suitcase and sat and ate 5 staked pancakes and drowned it in syrup. Then I left to the adoption center. I texted the girls on my iPhone 5 that me and the girls got at the same time the color was white 'Hey I'm on my way are you girls'

Merna P. O. V.

I got up from my alarm clock and got dressed to this... because I'm a Niall's girl

Dad: " You ready baby girl"

Me:"Ya be down in a sec."

Dad: "Ok breakfast is ready"


I got down with my suit case and ate my noodles quickly and we left to the adoption center. I checked my iPhone 5 and texted Febe back 'Ya I'm on my way Cya there xoxo :D' She instantly texted me back 'Cya there love ya xoxo :p'

.....lalalalalalala skip the rest of the girls :D......

*Adoption center*

Miss Darcy: "OK girls common get in line it's adoption day so people can come and adopt you"

Evey girl there got in line and 5 familiar boys came in and looked around.

Febronia whispered to the girls and said:"That's ONE DIRECTION"


Febronia:"I wish like that's gonna happen"

Harry walks over to the line and walks down the line until he see's Febronia.

Harry:"I wanna adopt...." he yells to the rest of the lads while pointing to Febronia.

Febronia:" Me?" Harry nods and I smile and say "Febronia"

Harry:"Febronia" He yells back to the lads and I smile widely.

Niall see's Merna and walks over to her and says " I want..."

Merna smiled widely and says "Merna"


Louis see's the boys like the girls they picked and then see's the pattern so he picks Ereni and he was the only one that realized the name tag the other boys just focused on the girls faces and he says "I PICK... ERENI" Then he, Harry, and Niall take the girls to the cool car.

Liam see's the first girl in line and says "I PICK Christeena!!"

Zayn was last and says "Sarah!!! Now bye we picked the girls we want."

a/n Sorry that took forever to pick the girls do you like it? Love ya my Lovelies I am probably be really active? please like and favorite I'm not gonna make a lot of a/n because I know it's annoying cos it is when I read fan fiction Hope you like it LOVE YA STYLES!!! ~Febronia

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