Through the Eyes of Ana



1. I Met a Girl Named Ana

I met this girl named Ana,
she was very nice at first.
She made her way in my mind,
before I realized I was cursed.

She cared for me well,
but controlled my body too.
She led me to a dark place,
with nothing to do.

I was trapped there forever,
I was prisoner in my mind,
in my own secret world,
leaving the other one behind.

I saw what she was doing,
tearing everything apart,
but all I could say was,
"Just don't break my heart."

And she did just that,
with the loneliness of my life.
She pushed everyone away,
stabbing my heart with a knife.

I felt everything she was destroying,
but couldn't do a thing.
I was locked up in my head,
it became quite boring.

I was still in my body,
But a viewer from a different angle.
People were torn away,
my life was in a tangle.

I sat there and watched,
as my body seemed to die.
This is not what I wanted,
I wanted to be alive.

I wanted to be happy,
I just wanted to be free
of this endless torture
of being locked up inside of me.

You'll never get the feeling,
of a demon holding you there.
I can't think on my own,
I'm holding on by a prayer.

Ana owns my body,
There is nothing left to do
but wait until I die.
My parents never knew.

Ana makes me look,
through her distant eyes,
at the girl standing in front of me,
as she slowly dies.

Little do my parents know
I'm not myself today.
Or any day perhaps,
it hasn't been that way.

One day Ana is silent,
She doesn't utter any sounds.
The number on the scale,
says only 78 pounds.

My heart skips a beat,
then two then three then four.
Eventually it just stops,
I drop down to the floor.

Before my mind goes blank,
Ana takes my hand.
Taking me to the light,
but crumbling like sand.

Ana goes a different road,
somewhere scary and dark.
While I take my footsteps,
Freedom plays like a harp.

A weight has been lifted,
But not earthly pounds lost.
Something off my shoulders.
Ana is finally tossed.

She left without a trace,
I take my own path
on golden stairs to heaven,
not with Ana's wrath.

A godly hand guides me,
to the glowing gate right here.
Singing angels everywhere,
Their garments pearly and sheer.

I peer down under clouds,
to see a broken body.
Laying lifeless and cold,
her eyes glassy and shoddy.

I realize that it's mine,
And what ana has taken.
I miss what I used to have,
now I'm alone and shaken.

My family mourns over me,
but what my parents don't know,
is that they didn't lose me then and there,
they lost me a long time ago.

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