It All Ends In Paris

Three Words...Two Mistakes...One Story
Two girls live 15 years of compete darkness but a special rich, British man changes it all.
These girls were once street rats but now they are beautiful young teenagers living in London. There journeys' end in Paris, France when they stop searching for everything and let it come to them. In their long, living years they learn the Three Words...Two Mistakes....And This Is Their One Story


4. Welcome To School

The girls woke up and jumped out of bed getting ready for school. Stella put on a blue tank top with zebra shorts and black converse with blue laces. Skye put on a purple tank top with cheetah shorts and black converse with purple laces. Stella & Skye did their hair and put on matching black jackets. They ran down the stairs to a delightful smell of Chef Topaz's pancakes, bacon, and juice.

   *Time Skip*


                    The girls got to the school and the limo driver drove away and people were all ready staring. They walked down to the office to get their schedules. Once they got out they went to their locker that were side by side and immediately got greeted by a curly haired boy. " Hey my name is Harry, you new here" Curly Fry said. Skye talked to him as Stella was looking around the huge room filled with people. "So want to-" Is all Harry could say before Stella interrupted by saying "Skye look" and pointed to a group of familiar people. One of the boys saw Stella and winked at her and gave her the hand motion to come over. " Is that like her boyfriend or something" Harry asked. " Maybe" Skye replied.


     What Skye didn't notice is that the group of people was, Zoelle, Marcus Butler, Caspar Lee, Jack, and Finn Harries. British You Tubers.



So as the day went by the girls had a wonderful day and met some new people. When they got home Stella decided to get on twitter and tweet saying " Hey everyone I just met the lovely @Zoella @Marcus_Butler @Caspar_Lee @Jacksgap and @Finn_Harries " ( a.n. that might be their real twitter names or not I am not sure. ) After that Skye ran into her room and  they watched some YouTube videos until Marcus texted Stella.


Marcus~ hey maybe we should do a collab vid sometime this week

Stella~ Maybe we should



                                Marcus's POV

 So today when I went to school me and my friends met up at our usual spot. Their was this girl I saw across the room and Jack being the flirt he is winked at her and signaled her to come over to us. She walked over and we all instantly started talking about YouTube and some other things. And when I got home I decided to text her but right before I got millions of notifications on twitter. Tons of them about this girl Crystal Cowell a girl that I had a crush on since I saw her picture on Tumblr. And it took me a while before I realized it was Stella the girl I met at school. Her full name being Crystella. Quite a unusual name but I liked it. Then I texted her and now sometime this week I have plans.




Hey everyone I know this probably wasn't the most interesting chapter or the longest but next chapter will be pretty long if you didn't know it is when they go to the X-factor. Welp, Love Yawl Bye~<3

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