It All Ends In Paris

Three Words...Two Mistakes...One Story
Two girls live 15 years of compete darkness but a special rich, British man changes it all.
These girls were once street rats but now they are beautiful young teenagers living in London. There journeys' end in Paris, France when they stop searching for everything and let it come to them. In their long, living years they learn the Three Words...Two Mistakes....And This Is Their One Story


3. Time Flies By

Time flied by so quickly it was already Monday. The girls were fast asleep on the private jet. Once they were in London they woke up to Simon telling them to get up. The two girls got up, out of the jet and found they were standing in front of a limo. They all go in the back of the limo and Bob, the driver well, drove.  Simon and the girls talked about things like Brett and Lotus, who were their personal assistants and Chef Topaz, Bob, Alan, and some other people who worked for Simon. They finally arrived at a beautiful, HUGE mansion.


 The girls ran inside and were greeted by Lotus and Brett who took them up to their rooms. The girls looked around the huge hall way but, Brett took Stella into her room and Lotus did the same with Skye. Both the girls walked into a empty room. The rooms both contained a huge walk-in closet, a bathroom, and a secret door leading to a balcony. Stella & Skye both walked around the rooms and found a furniture magazine on a little sitting area with windows around it. Stella & Skye both ran into each other while trying to get down the stairs.



A little while later Stella's room was filled with, zebra, aqua, black, and white furniture. Skye's room was filled with, cheetah, purple, black, and white. The girls closets and bathrooms were filled with identical items in their rooms. Stella got a guy to put a mini kitchen in her closet.


After all the people left Stella & Skye explored each others room's. Brett & Lotus gave the girls a tour of the house so they knew where everything was. The floor they lived on was just a hall way, their rooms, a office, and a elevator.



*Next Day*

                The girls were up and ready to go shopping. They jumped up out of their beds, running into the hallway, smacking into each other and falling down the stairs, landing on their bottoms.  *Time Skip*   The girls started to run around the stores like maniacs. So far they had !00 bags each. They bought clothes, shoes, acc., makeup, laptops, iPhone's, cameras, soaps, hair products, skin products, anything and everything really. The girls were about to exit the mall until they stopped right in front of a pet shop. They ran inside looking at all the little baby animals. Stella walked down a aisle with puppies while Skye walked down one with kittens. Skye looked at some really adorable, fluffy, white Persian kittens and Stella was looking at two adorable, fluffy, white Pomeranian puppies. They ran up to the manager and told him they wanted to adopt four pets and he looked at them like they just told him to jump of the Eiffel Tower ( as you can tell I love Paris )

* Time Skip*  So the girls got home and put everything away. Skye and Stella got their laptops and phones and brought them to the secret balcony. Simon got them twitter accounts so they were tweeting and being asked " are you Simon Cowell's daughters. So the girls came across a tweet saying " Your so lucky to be in London where my favorite Youtubers are @Marcus Butler @Zoelle @Tanya Burr " After a little while the girls got a YouTube account and posted a video. The video was just about Stella & Skye talking about themselves, introducing themselves to YouTube. They made the video, went back to their beds and slept.



   Hey guys sorry that I haven't updated that much. School decided to start really early this year and well I don't have a lot of time to update, but I have been working on this chapter a lot and I wanted to finish it up . Well as you can tell I love my Youtubers and if you don't that's fine but they are going to be in the story as one of the main parts. Well hope you enjoyed it . Love ya  Bye =D



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