It All Ends In Paris

Three Words...Two Mistakes...One Story
Two girls live 15 years of compete darkness but a special rich, British man changes it all.
These girls were once street rats but now they are beautiful young teenagers living in London. There journeys' end in Paris, France when they stop searching for everything and let it come to them. In their long, living years they learn the Three Words...Two Mistakes....And This Is Their One Story


2. Past Before Future

  Two souls Stella & Skye both had a rough last 15 years. Untill one week away from their birthdays, life gives them another chance. The girls were born in the same hospital but one day apart and since then always been together from little helpless babies to street rats. They both had families who didn't a lot of money and were struggling. So they ended up on the streets, after living in a abandoned house and lived on their own instincts they, were found.   They originally lived in a tiny town in Nevada but took flight for the first time to the beautiful city of Las Vegas. They had a perfect view of the city through the window of the orphanage they now lived in. They two girls would sit on the fire escape while watching cars drive by and lights burn out.   Well they lived in the orphanage for exactly one year, one horrible, life killing, year. Then they decided that they had enough of just looking at these lights burn out so they ran, ran to the city, they explored it making mental notes of everywhere they went.   But of course they got caught and they were shipped off like boxes to the city of Fresno, California. Back into another orphanage but this one was better then the last. Stella & Skye told the story of how they explored Las Vegas in one month to every there.


  One day the girls will never forget. December 26th, one week before their birthdays, a man not just any man a rich and British man by the name of Simon Cowell came to the orphanage to adopt two girls.   All the girls rushing downstairs to the man while Stella & Skye just took their time and walked quietly. When Simon saw them he smiled a big smile. He knew who he was looking for, the two girls who explored Las Vegas in less then a month.   He told the woman that he wanted to talk to the girls and tell them about the what he planned for them in the next seven days.  Monday: Picking our furniture  Tuesday: Shopping  Wednesday: Starting School  Thursday: Meeting Friend & Family  Friday: Going to the X-Factor UK  Saturday: Stella's & Skye's Birthday  Sunday: Lazy day




Well that was mostly the past but like the title Past Before Future so this was actually the first little chapter I know it is not much but I will try to make the other chapters real long and I really don't know how long you think a chapter is so I don't know I tried to make this short so I don't bore you with detail but I really can go on and on a bout everything I even am right now and I promised Blackdarkness I would mention her contest in this story. Well she is hosting a contest just like the one Kelly G is hosting "The Movella King & Queen " So she is hosting a writing competition and im co-hosting it so if you would like to be a writer or judge search " THE RULER OF ALL MOVELLIANS " just like that caps and all. Yep that is all love yall bye <3



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