It All Ends In Paris

Three Words...Two Mistakes...One Story
Two girls live 15 years of compete darkness but a special rich, British man changes it all.
These girls were once street rats but now they are beautiful young teenagers living in London. There journeys' end in Paris, France when they stop searching for everything and let it come to them. In their long, living years they learn the Three Words...Two Mistakes....And This Is Their One Story


1. Mini Intros

Okay so I know that I haven't really update anything so I will just make a mini introduction of the girls



    Stella, 16 and lives America with her best friend. She loves to eat, laugh, sing, and hasn't had the best life.

    Skye, 16 Stella's best friend who also lives in America. She loves to sing, make others laugh, and play sports. Hasn't had the best life either.


    Well that's a mini intro but, if I went detailed it might ruin the story so please just go with it and the girls who entered the contest im sooo sorry but I will use your characters in a different part in the story. And just cos im really nice I will give you another mini intro but to the story.


 Stella and Skye both had a rough 15 years, most years on the streets living on their own instincts and others in  a orphanage. They both were strong and held on to what they had. Untill when they were adopted by a rich and British man who lived in London. You might know this man, Simon Cowell. That is what changed life for both the girls. Their journeys' end in Paris, France the city of love. Love is what they were searching for. Will they find it? Who knows? Do you?


So that was a mini intro to the story to help you understand it and now you know what mostly happens. Well that is all hope you enjoyed it. And I have some other thoughts that might become into stories too. I will tell you a lot of my writing is either been inspired or just some weird thought or dream I always had.






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