The small town girl

I was just going out to eat with my family and bumped into a certain Irish boy.Will I fall for the boy thats on posters on my walls?Will i be stuck between 2 boys?


3. Eating with the 5 weirdos

                                        *My Point Of View*

Niall and i walked back to my table where my mom dad and little brother are sitting.I told Niall to go wait somewhere else while i talked to them."Hey you know how One Direction has a concert here tonight"i started but my mom interrupted "Aubrey you're not going to the concert end if story."My gosh would she let me finish."No.What I was saying was when i went to the bathroom i bumped into Niall Horan.He knocked me over with the door and he felt bad so he wanted to know if i could eat the rest of the time with them.Pleaseeeee"I begged.My parents looked at each other and thought."I guess.You get 45 minutes.I will check on you and if he does anything to you i will break him.If you try anything you will be grounded,"my dad said sternly."Thanks daddy.I love you"i gave him a hug and ran to Niall."They said yes,but i only have 45 minutes."I said.

                                               *Liams Point Of View*

Niall still isn't back from the bathroom.I wonder whats taking him so long?Oh here he comes.With a girl?"Hey guys this is Aubrey.I knocked her over when i was coming out of the bathroom.I felt bad so i thought she could eat with us."he smiled.

           *45 minutes later*          *My Point Of View*

I had an amazing time with the boys.Theyre so funny.My phone started ringing.(a=Me,d=Dad)


D=Aubrey time to go home tell them by we're waiting by the door.

A=Awww ok fine

(End of call)

"Hey guys I have to go home,"I frowned.All the guys got up and gave me a hug."Ill walk you out"niall said.We walked in silence."Hey Aubrey umm i dont know if ill ever see you again so heres my number.Text me anytime."We hugged and said goodbye.The whole car ride i smiled.As soon as i got home i texted my best friend and cousin Sydney.


*A Couple Weeks Later*

Niall and i texted alot and talk on the phone.I really like him but it doesn't matter because hes 5 years older than me."Aubrey 

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