The small town girl

I was just going out to eat with my family and bumped into a certain Irish boy.Will I fall for the boy thats on posters on my walls?Will i be stuck between 2 boys?


1. Out to dinner

                               *My Point Of View*

"Aubrey hunny please turn down your music"my mom asked.Ok so let me tell you a little about myself.Im fourteen and i live in a small town in Tennessee just north of Nashville.I have a little brother josh,hes 7.I play guitar and piano,guitar,and sing.I also play soccer.I love music,1D.Ed Sheeran(i love him so much),nickelback,Coldplay,little mix,the fray,the script,and Taylor Swift.Im super short.I have black hair with natural brown highlights.Dark brown eyes with a little green.Im super fair with freckles.Thats enough about me.Anyway we're in the car driving to Nashville(Capitol city of Tennessee)for super.

                        *Later That Night*

"Hey Ill be right back,Im going to the bathroom"i told my parents."Ok just hurry back and dont talk to strangers"my dad said."Dad im fourteen i think i can go to the bathroom"i chuckled.I walked to the bathroom and checked my hair because Josh thought it would be funny to mess it up.Little turd.I did my stuff and opened the door to walk out.I walked out and the down to the men's room opened and knocked me down."Oh my gosh.Im so sorry.Let me help you,"somebody said.The still unknown person helped me up.I looked at his face and couldn't believe it."Im sorry again"he repeated."Oh by the way Im Niall."I kinda already known who you are.Im Aubrey.

                 *Nialls Point Of View*

"Boys im going to the bathroom"i said getting up from the table.I walked in did my business and opened the door.As i opens it I hit somebody.i looked down and saw a girl on the floor"Oh my gosh,Im so sorry.Let me help you"I said as i helped her up."Im sorry again"i said for the second time."Oh by the way im Niall"i said.She chuckled and said"I kinda already know how you are.Im Aubrey"I took a good look at her.She must be like 13,But shes gorgeous."I better get back to my parents"she said quickly walking away."wait! Would you like to finish dinner with the boys and me.We can ask your parents.Its the least i can do for knocking you over"I said.She smiled"Yeah,but i dont know if my parents will let me." "Oh hey how old are you"i asked."Im fourteen.And yes im super short for my age,"she looked down as she talked.


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