I'm different. I'm not human. I'm a vampire. I'm a werewolf. I'm a vampire and werewolf. I'm a very rare kind.
I'm special and apparently a danger to the vampire world and werewolf world. They both want my special kind dead.
I'm in hiding in the human world in a town they would never look. I can survive like a regular human.
As if trying to keep in hiding and trying to find your kind was hard enough I got thrown a curve ball; I fell In love with someone to.
And this is my story.


5. "What if it's not me that need protection?"

At noon the next day we were all getting ready to go hunting. I was in a green tank top and jean shorts and Polly was in a purple tank top and jean shorts and Ally was in jean shorts and a red tank top. Landon was shirtless and white basketball shorts. 
"Ready?" I asked as we walked outside. Ally looked scared, "How do I change?" "You just focus on being a wolf." Landon smiled holding my hand. Ally stood there with her eyes closed. 
Landon came up beside me and whispered in my ears, "There's a full moon visible." I looked up at the sky and saw the full moon slightly visible in the sky. 
This change will be painful for her.
Ally's POV
I closed my eyes and focused. Then I felt fire tip through my body. I fell to my knees and screamed. The fire burned hotter and I screamed extremely loud. I threw my head back and howled. 
Wait! I howled? 
I howled louder and felt my braces pop off and heard the metal thud as it hit the dirt I was on. I screamed again as my bones popped and cracked.
I dug my nails into the dirt and kept screaming as I felt myself get warmer and hair grow on my arms and legs and my entire body. I screamed again as the burning stopped. 
"Am I changed?" I tried asking but it came out as a howl. "Talk to us in your head." Sable's voice said in my head. I looked around and saw a brown wolf and two creepy looking things. 
They were black with short fur all over their bodies their nails were sharp and their teeth were extremely sharp especially their eye teeth.  Their eyes were completely black and they were walking on their feet. 
"Sable? Landon?" I asked in my head. The black things waved. "This is what we look like in our hybrid state. The brown wolf is Polly." Landon chuckled In my head. 
We all walked into the woods well I stumbled behind them. When we got deep into the woods Landon stopped and smelt something. "Food." That word sent shivers down my spine and made me Howl with hunger. 
Sable's POV
When we got back to the house we all took showers. Currently Landon and Polly were in the showers (Landon in his bathroom and Polly in hers). 
"When are we going home?" I looked up from the TV and saw Ally walking into the living from her room. I sat up straight as she sat down beside me, "We can't go back to the apartments. They know about us." 
I closed my eyes, "Landon has this whole area surround with things that will kill intruders y'know werewolves or vampires that aren't meant to be here." 
"They could somehow get in." 
I held Ally's hand in mine, "We will protect you." 
"What if it's not me that needs protection?" 

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