I'm different. I'm not human. I'm a vampire. I'm a werewolf. I'm a vampire and werewolf. I'm a very rare kind.
I'm special and apparently a danger to the vampire world and werewolf world. They both want my special kind dead.
I'm in hiding in the human world in a town they would never look. I can survive like a regular human.
As if trying to keep in hiding and trying to find your kind was hard enough I got thrown a curve ball; I fell In love with someone to.
And this is my story.


2. The 'amazing' date

When I got back to my apartment I went straight to my closet and texted Ally and told her just to come in. 
A few minutes later she was walking into my room with a sketch book and a box of pencils. "Hi, Sable!!" She sat on my bed and started drawing. 
I grabbed my knee high navy blue skirt with a thin tan belt, a quarter sleeve light blue shirt button up shirt, and my  tan slip on shoes. 
"Cute?" I asked holding it up for Ally to see. She smiled, "Yes!" I laid it on my bed and grabbed my light blue drop earrings, my light blue bracelet, and my navy blue stone necklace. 
"How should I wear my hair?"
I went into the bathroom, put my make up on, brushed my teeth, and curled my hair. "Sab, Landon texted you and asked what your address was!" Ally shouted. I walked back into the room with just my skirt on and my white push up bra,  "Tell him my address, please!" She texted him my address as I put my shirt and jewelry on. 
I smiled, "How do I look?" 
"Beautiful!" She grinned. 
Landon's POV
I ran my hand through my hair. Sable... She was like me. A hybrid. I put my shoes on and sighed. 
"You look handsome." Polly, my little 14 year old sister, smiled. "I haven't been on a date since Jade." 
Jade was my ex-girlfriend. She bit me the night me and her slept together. Originally I was a werewolf and when vampires bite us it doesn't effect is. Unless we're that .1% that can be effected. 
I was in that .1%. 
I looked at my dark blue and navy blue stripped long sleeve wool sweater, black skinny jeans, and black leather dress shoes. 
Polly sat on my bed and looked at me, "She's beautiful." 
I smiled, "She is."
"Her eyes turned black when y'all shook hands, do you think she's a werewolf?"
My little sister doesn't know about me being a hybrid. The werewolf council and vampire council want mine and Sable's kind dead. So no one knows. It'll keep them safe. 
Lately I've been feeling like I'm being watched... I have to stay In the shadows when I'm out and about with Polly.
You see our parents had been killed awhile back by werewolf hunters. So I've been raising Polly as a daughter. 
I kissed Polly's head, "I love you, little bug." She smiled and hugged me, "I love you too, Big bug!" 
"Text me if anything happens or you need anything." 
"I will." I kissed her head again and left. 
I got in my 4X4 gray truck and drove to Sable's apartment. 
Sable's POV
I watched Ally draw the Empire State Building when of a sudden my doorbell rang. "That's Landon! You gonna stay here until I get back?" I stood up and grabbed my phone. 
"Yes, I'll probably watch some movies and pig out. Is that okay?" She looked up from her drawing. I laughed, "Yes." I hugged her goodbye and opened the door. 
Landon stood there and dang he looked sexy! 
He held his arm out for me, "Ready?" I giggled and held his arm, "Why yes I am, handsome!" 
We walked down the stairs and got into his truck. "You look beautiful, Sable." Landon smiled as we drove down Main Street. I blushed deep red, "Thank you and you look very handsome." 
We parked at a Mexican restaurant, he got out and opened the door for me then walked into the front door hand-n-hand. 
We sat down, ordered our drinks (me a half and half tea and Landon an unsweet tea), ordered salsa, cheese dip, and guacamole then started talking. 
"So have you always lived here?" He asked eating a chip. "Um, no, I've traveled off and on," I dipped a chip in the cheese dip, "is it okay if I double dip?" 
Landon laughed, "Yes because I'm sure we'll get used to each others germs later on." 
I blushed, "Yes we will." 
"So how old are you?" 
"19, 20 on August 1st, you?"
"21, 22 on July 16th ." 
"Do you believe in vampires and werewolves and hybrids?" 
I nearly choked on my chip after I stopped coughing I answered, "Um..." 
He leaned in close and whispered in my ear, "I'm a hybrid also." 
I looked at him with wide eyes, "I knew it!" 
He laughed, "When?" 
"I was changed into a werewolf 4 years ago then bit by a vampire 3 years ago, you?" 
"I was always a werewolf but my ex-girlfriend was a vampire and bit me when we slept together one night."
"I'm sorry, so does your family know that you're a hybrid?"
"No, Polly doesn't know. My uh parents were murdered by werewolf hunters when Polly was really young. She barely remembers our parents." 
I put my hand over his, "I'm so sorry, Landon." 
I felt my phone vibrating on my lap and looked down at it. Ally was calling. I looked at Landon, "I'm sorry I gotta take this," he nodded I answered the phone, "He-"
"SABLE, PEOPLE WITH SHARP EYE TEETH ARE RANSACKING YOUR HOUSE AND-" the line went dead. "Ally? ALLYSON?!" I stood up and tried not to cry, "I'm sorry I have to go. Someone is breaking into my house and my friend Ally is there and the line went dead!" 
Landon throw $20 on the table, grabbed my hand, and we ran with our super human speed to his truck, and drove to my apartment. 
When we got there we ran up the stairs and saw the door hanging on one door hinge. I slowly walked into the apartment and heard the crunch of broken glass under my feet. 
I gripped Landon's hand tighter and wipes my tears away, "Ally?"
I heard a faint voice, "Sab.." I ran into my bed room and fell on to my knees by Ally's body. Her clothes were torn, blood was coming out of multiple cuts, and she was barley breathing. 
I held her body close, "Stay with me, Ally!" Then I let all the tears spill. Landon kneeled beside me, "Turn her." 
"Into what? Both venoms could kill her!" 
"Ally, if you had to chose would you be a vampire of werewolf?" 
Ally let out a shuddered breath, "Werewolf." 
"Concentrate on your werewolf self." Landon rubbed my back. I closed my eyes. 
Werewolf. The moon. Fur. Sharp teeth. Sharp nails. I felt all my teeth get sharp and no desire for blood. "Good job, Sable, now bite her." I leaned down and bit Ally's neck then pulled away after all my teeth had sank in. 
Ally's body shook then she passed out. Landon took her out of my arms and laid her on my torn up bed. "Where am I gonna stay, Landon, they know where I live and where Ally lives." 
"Come live with me, I know we've only known each other for almost a day but I really do like you almost love." He leaned down and kissed me. 
I slowly kissed back and wrapped my arms around his neck then I felt it. Fireworks shooting off in my head. Then the word flashed into my  mind: "Mate." 
I slowly pulled away and looked at Landon, "We're mates?" 
He gripped my waist tighter, "I knew we were when we met. I didn't wanna say anything because I was scared that I was mistaken, but I wasn't." 
I looked around my apartment, "I'll pack my clothes if there's any left, will you take Ally to your truck and I'll be out there in a minute?"
He kissed my head, "Yes, babygirl." He picked Ally up and ran out of the apartment. I walked to my closet and saw the picture of my family that was in a hidden box on the floor. 
They know what my family looks like.. But wait my family, my mom, my dad, and my little brother all are gone like traveling the country gone. 
I picked the picture up and grabbed my suitcase that was luckily not torn up, opened it, put the picture in it as threw all my clothes In it. 
Only like 2 shirts were torn and they were the shirts I wore when I was changed. 
I walked out of the messed up apartment after I packed everything up that i need and walked to Landon's truck. I put my suitcase in the truck's bed and got in the passengers side. "You okay, Babe?" Landon slide his hand into mine. 
"No." I looked in the back seat and saw Ally sleeping, "do you think she'll be okay?"
He kissed my hand, "Yes, are you gonna tell her what we are?"
"Yeah, I think she should know so if y'know anything else happens and she sees us all funky looking she won't flip out." 
"So where do you wanna sleep? My room? The guest room? My parents old room?" 
"My room it is!" Then we both started laughing. We pulled into his house's driveway and wow it was beautiful! 
It was 2 stories high. Painted a pale blue with dark blue shutters and tulips all over the grass. 
I got out of the truck and opened the back seat's door, Landon stopped me, "Let me get her. You get your bags." 
I grabbed my suitcase and followed Landon into his house. The girl from deb, Polly, was sitting on the couch, texting someone. 
"How was th-" she stopped herself when she saw the bloody Ally in Landon's arms and me walking in behind them with my suitcase in my hand. 
"Um-" Landon cut Polly off, "It's a really long story." 


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