I'm different. I'm not human. I'm a vampire. I'm a werewolf. I'm a vampire and werewolf. I'm a very rare kind.
I'm special and apparently a danger to the vampire world and werewolf world. They both want my special kind dead.
I'm in hiding in the human world in a town they would never look. I can survive like a regular human.
As if trying to keep in hiding and trying to find your kind was hard enough I got thrown a curve ball; I fell In love with someone to.
And this is my story.


4. I love you

Ally's POV
I laid on Sable's bed and started sketching my family. I missed them a lot. I haven't seen them since I moved to New York to go to art college.
I'm originally from Wyoming. I had an amazing child hood as I grew up but when my little brother died at the age of 4(I was 7) due to cancer I started drawing and figured out I was actually good at drawing. From then on I continued drawing. My art teacher in high school sent tons of my works into the Art Institute of New York City, New York. 
They gave me a full ride my senior year. I was so excited! My parents didn't really wanna let me go after what happen to my brother 11 years before my senior year. 
I went though and I've barely talked to my parents since they helped me move here. I closed my eyes and remembered the day I met Sable. 
I walked out of my newly decorated apartment and saw a tall muscled girl with a huge butt and huge boobs walk out of the apartment across the hall from me. 
She had snow white hair Braided to the side with make up on and heavy dark eyeliner that made her brown almost black eyes pop and her long eyelashes!! WOAH!! 
She was in black skinny jeans and a black zip up jacket with a white shirt under it and black vans. "Hi, I'm Ally." I smiled. She nodded, "I'm Sable." She put her keys in her pocket and started walking toward the stairs. 
I followed her and adjusted my back pack, "So how long have you lived here?" 
"2 years." She mumbled. I just kept smiling and followed her down the street, "I just moved here for the Art Institute of New York City! I have a full scholarship!" 
"Cool. You good at drawing?" 
"Yes!! All my art teachers told me I am! Even these famous artists that came to one of my high school's art shows just to see MY works!" 
She nodded toward the Art Institute of New York City and smiled, "Have fun at school! See you after I get off work!" 
I walked into the college and smiled. 
I made a friend. 
     ***end flashback***
I continued to sketch my family as I heard a loud noise and then 2 men and 1 woman was standing in front of me with sharp eye teeth just looking at me with hunger in their eyes. 
I reached for my cellphone quickly and called Sable as they just kept staring at me.
"SABLE, PEOPLE WITH SHARP EYE TEETH ARE RANSACKING YOUR HOUSE AND-" The woman grabbed me and held me upside down as I screamed, "LET ME GO!!" 
"Interesting.. Very interesting.. I've never seen one so different.." She hissed. One of the men laughed, "Yes, Cris, they are! She's a blood bag but yet she smells different." I kept screaming then the woman threw my across the room and I hit the hall and then the floor. 
I cried in pain and tried to move but couldn't. I kept crying. "Oh shut up!" The woman cut my stomach with her nails and laughed then tasted the blood, "delicious blood." 
The men came over and they all started slashing into my chest tasting my blood. I kept screaming and crying and after I passed out I didn't feel anything. 
I don't know how long I was out but I started hearing sounds like people walking on something broken and a voice. 
"Sab.." I faintly breathed out. Then I felt hands on me lifting me up a little and held me tight against them, "Stay with me, Ally!" I groaned and felt my body start to give out. 
"Turn her." A male voice said calmly. 
Turn me into what? 
She's human! 
"Into what? Both venoms could kill her!" Sable's voice was shaking. 
Venoms? What the heck is going on here?!?! 
"Ally, if you had to chose would you be a vampire of werewolf?" The man asked me. I thought about it, play along, Ally. 
I breathed a shaky breath, "Werewolf." 
"Concentrate on your werewolf self." The man said to Sable. Sable is a werewolf? WHAT IS GOING ON?!
Long silence then, "Good job, Sable, now bite her." 
Then sharp objects were plunged into my neck and my whole body shook then I passed out again. 
So Sable is a werewolf? Hmmm that kinda makes sense. 
All those days when she'd go out and come back covered in dirt and there'd be strange animal deaths in the woods. And her eyes! They were basically black! No one has that brown of eyes that they're almost black! 
But wait Sable said "Both venoms could kill her!" 
Both venoms? So Sable is something else besides a werewolf!  
Fairy? No she isn't perky enough. Witch? No her apartment would have more stuff in it and she'd have a better job! Vampire? No way!! Werewolves and Vampires are sworn enemies! They would like kill each other inside of Sable! 
I wonder what else she is!
 I guess I'll find out when I wake up and ask her. 
Sable's POV 
It was midnight and Landon and I were sitting on the couch cuddling and watching tv. 
Ally was passed out as was Polly. Landon laid his head on mine then kissed my head, "I'm glad you're okay, Sable." 
I smiled and rubbed his chest, "So am I. So tomorrow are you taking Ally for her first hunt or am I?" 
"We can all go. Polly hasn't hunted in a week or two she needs to get her strength back up."
"Okay, babe." 
"So you're staying in my room right?"
"Do I have a choice?"
I stood up slowly, "Where's your room? I'm exhausted!" Landon turned the TV off and led me to his room up the stairs and down the hall to the 3rd door on the left.   
Landon's room was huge!! He had a king sized bed with a brown comforter and brown sheets and white pillows. His walls were painted white and he had a brown nightstand by the bed and a huge TV on the wall across from the bed. 
"Wow." I looked around and saw my bag beside the bed. "There's an adjoining bathroom." Landon pointed to the right and I saw a white door. I grabbed my bag and went into the bathroom to change into my PJs. 
I washed my face and changed into black and white plaid PJ shorts and a white tank top then braided my hair and went back into Landon's room to see him laying on the bed in basketball shorts and no shirt and watching TV. 
I laid beside him and laid my head on his chest. "Goodnight, Landon." I slowly closed my eyes. He kisses my head, "I love you, Sable." 
"I love you too." 

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