I'm different. I'm not human. I'm a vampire. I'm a werewolf. I'm a vampire and werewolf. I'm a very rare kind.
I'm special and apparently a danger to the vampire world and werewolf world. They both want my special kind dead.
I'm in hiding in the human world in a town they would never look. I can survive like a regular human.
As if trying to keep in hiding and trying to find your kind was hard enough I got thrown a curve ball; I fell In love with someone to.
And this is my story.


1. My life...

I'm Sable Wyatt, I'm 19 years old, I'm 5'10, I have a lean build with a large chest and a large butt, my hair is the color of the wind it's completely white no die no nothing ever since I was changed my hair has been white and it's down to the middle of my back, I have dark dark brown Almost black eyes, my nose is small, my eyelashes are long, and I'm very good at hiding and sticking to myself. 
I live in New York City, New York. I was changed into a vampire 4 years ago then a werewolf bit me 3 years ago my leader thought I would die so he left me and moved, it didn't kill me obviously. I moved to New York City 2 years ago because its so popular that it would be hard to find me. 
I pulled the hood of my white north face jacket up and shoved my black earbuds into my ears then blasted my eardrums with My Chemical Romance.
Someone grabbed my forearm and stopped me. I slightly growled and took my earbuds out, "What?!" 
"Sable, you dropped your key." My neighbor, Ally, handed me my house/car keys. I nodded, "Sorry, Al, I'm just in deep concentration right now." I turned my music off and lowered my hood.
She smiled her black braces showing, "It's fine." Ally wasn't your usual 18 year old she was really mature. She has shoulder length black hair, Sea blue eyes, she was roughly 5'4, she was small in every area, she was such a sweetie, and she was my only friend. 
She was going to an art college here and was a fabulous artist. I stopped at a stop walk, "How's college?" 
She adjusted her black backpack and sighed, "It's fine. They won't let us draw whatever we want to draw yet though just going through basics."
"Just think In a few years you'll be drawing for people and you'll get millions of dollars." 
She smiled, "Hopefully." 
She waved and headed toward the entrance to her college, "Bye, Sab!" 
"Bye, Al!" I continued my walk to my job at the mall. 
When I got to Deb I put my name tag on and sighed. 
"Hey, Sable!" My co-worker, Rob, smiled. I waved. 
Rob has chopped black hair with blue eyes a strong build he was hot but so not my type. He was a player and just enjoyed getting in girls pants. 
"Why don't you ever want to go out with me?" Rob asked as he took another drink of his Dr. Pepper. I rolled my eyes, "I don't date."  He rolled his eyes, "Okay." 
30 minutes before I got off work a guy and his little sister came up to the counter to check out. I looked at the guy he looked about 20-22 he has shaggy amber colored hair, hazel eyes, about 6'1, he was muscled, he was in a black and red plaid button up shirt, black skinny jeans, and I didn't know what shoes he was wearing due to the counter. 
His little sister had long amber colored hair she had green eyes she looked about 15-16 she was about 5'6 and was baby cute. 
She handed me the shirt and jeans she wanted. "For a limited time you can get a bottle of perfume for $2 with the amount you spent on these clothes." I smiled at the young teenage girl. She looked at her older brother, "Landon?" Her brother, Landon, nodded. She picked one out and gave it to me. I smiled and checked it out then told them the price. 
When Landon gave me the money our hands touched and for as long as we touched his eyes were black the same color as mine when I'm hunting. 
When I'm in my hybrid state.
Landon smiled, "Polly, go to a different store. I'll text you when i leave here." Polly looked at her brother and left. 
"I'm Landon Gavin." He stuck his hand out for me to shake, I took it and it happened again. His eyes turned black and I'm pretty sure mine did to. "I'm Sable Wyatt." 
He smiled and slowly let go of my hand our eyes going back to normal after our hands let go of each other. 
"So, Sable, you wanna go to the movies and dinner with me tonight?" Landon asked. I blushed a little, "Yes." 
We exchanged numbers and he left. My first actually date since I was changed!

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