Broken ......................

Zoe was a not so popular girl but she decides to ask out the high school jock what will happen .......................... ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


2. ummm harry

When I found Harry he had already reaked of achohol ,well this is going to be interesting heyy Harry “ heyy baby where did you run off to I ummm went to go save a cat from falling off the roof ? Ok babes your not leaving now wow he actually fell for that how much did Josh give him “heyya Zoe speak of the devil “ where did you run away to so fast I saved a cat “ a cat yep a cat “ummm ok ummm Hazza can I borrow your girl for a minute I started to get shaky and I went straight up to bar and got a drink so much for not drinking Harry looked at me amazed “ I love this new you he added with a wink oh god what have I done Harry smirked so we are playing spin the bottle soon care to join ? Ummm sure but is Jjj ….. before I knew it I was sitting on harrys lap with him smirking gosh I love those dimples “ heyy Zoe bear oh god no its Josh Harry handed me a glass of vodka it cant be that strong nope it is scull everyone was looking at me shocked I smirked what you have never seen a girl who hasnt drunk scull a glass of vodka oh great guess whos drunk Harrys smirk got bigger that ass he got me drunk “ lets start ill go hick up first as I spun the bottle I was begging it wouldnt land on Josh nope it landed on Harry !!!?!?!!?!? his smirk was so big oh god what have I got myself into “ here have a glass of water thanks Harry * drunk * Omg Harry your eyes are so beautiful !!!!!! “thanks love before I knew it I was picked up bridal style and taking to Sarahs room I LOVE YOU SO MUCH HARRY !!!! “ love you too love he placed me down on the bed “ I DONT WANNA SLEEP HARRY !!!!!!! “ love you need sleep I didnt mean to get you drunk HARRY I HAVE DRUNK BEFORE JUST NOT AT PARTIES “really ?? YEP IM NOT ALL GOODY GOOD YOU KNOW “ I figured love night WAIT HARRY ! “yes love ? come here “ what is it love “ I love you harry then I kissed him ! And straight away he kissed back “night love we will talk in the morning HARYY !!! please dont go sleep here “ ok love before I could say go harry was lying beside I hugged him and you could see his smirk he kissed my forehead “night Zoe night harry ….......... * MORNING *

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