Broken ......................

Zoe was a not so popular girl but she decides to ask out the high school jock what will happen .......................... ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


5. im harrys gf ?!?!?!

Louis Louis Tomlinson was standing there omg I held in my screams and calmed down whoaa soz haz didnt know you had company Harry playfully slapped his shoulder I chuckled hi im Zoe Louis mouth dropped open your Zoe you should know Harry hasnt shut up about he says how your so pretty so smart Louis was stopped by Harrys large hand across his mouth I chuckled is that right Hazza he blushed maybee your so adorable Harry he smiled I ran and gave him a hug Louis stood there in awe I blushed so are you a fan love I was about to answer but harry smirked yeapp she is shes coming tonight and for the rest of our uk tour I hid into harrys chest Louis screameed so does that mean I get to see my new biffel every night he squeked in a girly voice I chuckled yepp harry wants me to tag along with your crew Louis started dancing around the room like an egg ooo that means you get to meet my gf I smiled sounds great wait where did Harry go “Ok thanks Simon it means a lot love you too uncle Si “ she can come with us harry yelled picking me up spinning me around I smiled and Amanda ? Yeapp yayy ok ill text here *To Mandy <3 heyya love have fun stalking niall harry has just invited us to the rest of their tour so we will be staying with the boyss xx o and harrys bringing me to the concert tonight xx ily babes xx :) *New textmessage from Mandy <3 * omg gahhh tell harry I love him and ok love and yes im with niall now we eating Nandos love youu too ill c u tonight ;* no funni bussiness with styles xx :) love u always o and niall says hi ;) xx To Mandy <3 hi niall !!!! omg so excited gotta go harrys calling ;) xx love you tooo !!!!!! ;* I placed my phone back in my pocket and smiled Harry grabbed my phone and logged into twitter and made a tweet @Harry_Styles hanginging with my new wifey @Zoe_<3_Styles xx <3 love her too bits attached was one of the photos me and Harry took on my phone I logged on as me and I had 1200 notifications ummm weird and I gained like 3200 folowers I replied to Harrys tweet @Zoe_<3_Styles love yu too bby xx <3 (: @Harry_Styles . After I had sent the tweet I had been getting allot of hate

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