Broken ......................

Zoe was a not so popular girl but she decides to ask out the high school jock what will happen .......................... ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


4. 4 years later

4 Years After :

Cmon Zoe we are going to be late for their concert hang on just finishing the posters and banners yeaphh ok ive got everything Amanda have you “ yeapp why are we going so early “ so you can see Harry duhhh omg we were just kids I absoloutley love One Direction they are AMAZAYN “cheeky coment love thanks ok lets go omg im so …....... “ omg im so sorry love Harry ??? “ OMG ZOE !!!! ???? umm yeaa ive kinda grown up since I last saw you “ yes you have and look even more beatiful ahemmm “ hey Amanda “ o you do remember me ummm hows life Hazza Bear I playfully smacked Amandas shoulder and chuckled dont use that nickname she just stuck her tounge out I chuckled and embraced harry into a hug he smiled and whispered into my ear I have missed you so much I blushed Amanda whispered something to Harry then she walked off I looked at him confused shes going to go find Niall O hahahah so Zoe how have you been ive been alright how bout you styles ive been better can I get your number Zoe ummm yeaa sure I handed Harry my phone once we exchanged numbers harry asked what are you doing today well a confession we were suppose to be stalking you so now nothing would you like to hang just like in the old days I smiled of course I would love that Harry embraced me in a hug and I chuckled he smirked as we ran to the lift up or down hazza he smirked up love once we got to the top we walked over to harrys room and he opened the door after you thanks he chuckled you hungry I nodded my head he smirked and brought out our all time favourite lollies HARIBOS I smirked you remembered he chuckled yeaphh !!! I smiled and grabbed my phone out and put on camera harry clicked we spent the rest of the afternoon photoboming my phone and eating tones of HARIBOS thank you for today harry I really missed this he smiled me too harry embraced me into a hug I started to cry harry realised its ok love why are you upset what are the odds we are gonna see each other again his smile dropped I will make time I promise how long are you in London for umm im here for 3 more months and we are actually coming to your uk tour Harrys eyes went wide he smiled you should tag along with the crew Amanda can come I smiled and kissed his cheek thank you !!!! he chuckled on the back of my neck chills went up my spine I knew I l.iked Harry more than just a friend but does he like me the same o well only one way to find out I lent in and kissed him it felt like fireworks going off in my stomach before I knew it Harry was kissing me back as he depened the kiss I grabbed hold of his curls once we parted our forheads touching harry mumbled you dont know how bad ive wanted to do that I smirked and carefully punched his arm I noticed a tatoo on his wrist I bought it up to eye level and I saw my name Zoe Isabel <3 tatooed on his wrist he blushed I got it before I left you for Xfactor Zoe I have loved you since we were little will you be my girlfriend my eyes went wide all I could do was smile and I lent to kiss him again his smirk grew on my lips I chuckled so is that a yes ? I nodded my head he smiled and embraced me in a hug Harry had to pull away when there was a knock at the door .................

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