Follower (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

"I'm confused. I can't determine if the signs are telling me to let go already, or are just testing me on how long I can hold on."

Stacey Knight, a 19 year old fangirl has had one of her wishes come to life: A follow back via Twitter from one of her celebrity crushes, One Direction's Harry Styles. Although, her last love & heart break, Jake Davis comes in the way and the love triangle begins. She loves both, both love her. Having that be, only certain movements will make her seek who she truly desires.


3. What's in Mind

I lay there, curled in a ball as the tears dry upon my cheeks. 

My heart questioned my brain, "why?".

I take the last sips of the latte he had brought for me.

I finally roll out from the sofa, heading towards my trashcan to dispose of the coffee cup. 

I decided then to take bath.

I twisted both the hot and cold water faucets for my bath water to feel just right.

I then undressed myself, tossing my dirty clothes in the hamper and wrapping a towel around my body.

Afterwards, I added my watermelon liquid soap for the bubbles and lit a few citrus scented candles, putting them on the two corners of the bathroom sink counter. 

As the tub was filling up, my phone rang up for what had felt like the millionth time. 

I rush out of the bathroom, trying to detect where the noise was coming from.

It was my room.

I sprinted to my bedroom, grabbing my phone off the nightstand. 

It's Harry, again.

I step out of the doorway, finally answering my phone. 

"Heyyyyy Harry."
My tone of voice had a hint of awkwardness to it. 

"How's it going? Anything from Jake?"

I paused for moment, thinking about what had just happened with Jake and I.

How could I tell him?

Maybe he would be angry, and I didn't want that.

As much as I didn't want to, I lied. 

"Nothing's new. Just keeps calling and texting.
I'm just ignoring him. 
That's a-

Oh shit!"

I walked back into my bathroom to feel the floor soaking wet, covered in water. 

"What? Stace? Is everything okay?"

"Harry, I have to go, okay? 
Call me later, bye!"

I hung up the phone, placing it on the counter. 

I ran to the tub, trying not to slip.
I reach over and stop the water.

I walk out to the kitchen, looking for the mop.
I found it, heading again to the bathroom to clean up my mess.

When I finished, 
I released my towel, 
hanging it on the hook at the back of the door. 

I pull off the small scrunchie from my wrist and tied up my hair into a messy bow-tie bun.

"I almost forgot!"
I gasped, getting my phone and turning on my favorite mixed playlist.

I slipped myself inside the tub.

I felt myself at peace and paradise. 

I closed my eyes, embracing the silence.

*Harry's POV*

I don't know what Stacey was up to, but when I called she seemed dissimilar. 

I sit on my bunk of the tour bus, staring at my phone with such a confused face. 

"Harry, what's up?"
Louis plopped his big butt on my lap.

"Oh.. Nothing much."
I slid my phone into my front pocket, shaking off what I was thinking about. 

"Let's go out for a game of football!"
Louis jumped up, 
quickly dashed out the bus.

When I stepped out, the other lads were waiting for me. 

Zayn as the referee, 
blowed the whistle to let the game begin. 

I couldn't quit thinking about Stacey, even if I was doing something else. 

I reminisce about what she had said to me, 
about what Jake had done to shatter her heart into pieces. 

As the ball came forth in my direction, anger strikes my mind-set.

I kicked the ball as hard as I wanted to kick Jake's private area.

As it flew way past Liam's head, Louis and Zayn cheered and hollered quite loudly. 
But I had too much going in in my head to hear them.

I just turned and walked away, back to the bus.

I sat there, thinking on what I can do to help Stacey. 

I just thought about her and I. 

She's beautiful, so I've seen in pictures.

Wavy brunette hair, 
medium-chocolate eyes, 
tanned skin - but not too tan, 
a tad short, not too fat, 
not too thin. 

She's unique.

She plays drums, sings, writes stories, and she's captain of her school's lacrosse team. 

She's so faithful, sweet and innocent. 

Why would someone dare to damage her?

That question lead me back to Jake.

What and imbecile he is.

Especially now that he's trying to win her back after what he's done, he shouldn't even try. 

I say she'd be better off with me.

The lightbulb has risen to the top of my head, I know now exactly how Stacey and I will get revenge.

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