Follower (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

"I'm confused. I can't determine if the signs are telling me to let go already, or are just testing me on how long I can hold on."

Stacey Knight, a 19 year old fangirl has had one of her wishes come to life: A follow back via Twitter from one of her celebrity crushes, One Direction's Harry Styles. Although, her last love & heart break, Jake Davis comes in the way and the love triangle begins. She loves both, both love her. Having that be, only certain movements will make her seek who she truly desires.


4. Make Up

*Stacey's POV*

After hours of soaking, I saw the time on the wall clock; 12:30.

I drained out all the water, then took myself a nice steaming hot shower.

It was nice to just have alone time with no calls, texts or disturbances.
It was all about me, music and the bathroom. 

I got out all the way, spreading lotion all over my body.

I just wrapped the towel around my body, I didn't feel like getting dressed right at the moment. 

Afterwards, I tossed together a mean cesar salad and added Pepsi to it. 

As I was digging into my food, my phone rang. 

My ringtone was now getting real annoying to me. 

Again, it was Jake. 
He should be at work, why is he calling up?

"Hey, what's up?"
I answered him.

"I have the rest of the day off, 
wanna ride to work?"

"Jake, I have a car. I don't think there's any need for that."

"There's a want for that, and I want to drive you to work."

"You're probably just gonna keep asking me until I say yes, am I right?"

"Yes. See you in a couple hours."
He hung up.

I put down my phone, and put a smile up on my face. 

"Wait a minute, HARRY!"
I said to myself.

I got my phone again, dialing his number. 

I waited for a while, but he didn't pick up.

"Maybe he's busy."
I hung up and finished the rest of my meal. 

I threw the dishes in the sink and headed to my closet to get my uniform out.

Sad to say, but my crappy summer job was working at the local grocery store around 20 minutes away from where I live.
I liked all the people, just not the customers. 

"I think today is a beige-Toms kind of day."
I said to myself as I slipped on the shoes. 

I honestly don't even understand why I'm so happy right now, but I am.

*Jake's POV* 

Here I am, probably the happiest man on Earth. 

I'd have to say, today was a successful day. 

For almost a year, I've been ignoring the one I've always loved the most. 

I thought it would help her not to hurt, but it only made her worse. 

I had a good talk with her to explain myself, bringing along her favorite morning delight. 

I begged my boss to let me have just this day off, that'd I 'd never ask until my assigned vacation. 

I called up her up, telling her I'd give her a ride to work.

I'm on my way to her place now, and I just can't wait to see her again.

I think I'll ask her out on a diner date tonight, to the diner we use to eat at - the place we met. 

I now flashed back to that day.

Doilie's Diner, just 3 blocks down from my apartment. 

It was a chilly Thursday night, and I wanted some real warm food.

When I reached there, the place was packed. 

It seemed random, but it looked to be true. 

They were having a special on ribs, I guess I could see the reason. 

I even ordered some myself.

When my food was ready, I went through a difficult part; finding a place to sit. 

I wanted to sit alone and enjoy myself, but there weren't many empty tables. 

It's like the holy light had entered and everyone was black light when my eyes landed on her. 

She was alone, with one empty chair in front of her. 

"Uh, hey."

She was eating their special burger and fries combo with a strawberry milkshake, plus there were a crowd of people around, I didn't think she heard me too well to notice I was around.

I just sat my tray of food there and began to eat, I was starving. 

"Excuse me?"
She gave me a quite disturbed look. 

I looked up at her.

She giggled, 
"You've got a little something on your face."

She took a napkin and wiped off the huge mess of barbecue sauce
I had all over my face.  

After that little moment, we just kept talking. 

I ended up getting to walk her home after wards.

I came back to the present day to find myself already at her place and her sitting on the steps of her porch, waiting for me, like she use to.

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