Follower (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

"I'm confused. I can't determine if the signs are telling me to let go already, or are just testing me on how long I can hold on."

Stacey Knight, a 19 year old fangirl has had one of her wishes come to life: A follow back via Twitter from one of her celebrity crushes, One Direction's Harry Styles. Although, her last love & heart break, Jake Davis comes in the way and the love triangle begins. She loves both, both love her. Having that be, only certain movements will make her seek who she truly desires.


5. Different Shapes

*Stacey's POV*

I sat on the steps of my porch, waiting for Josh; like I use to.
He finally arrived, honking the horn of his navy blue-1972 Chevrolet. 
I walked out the gate to his truck.
The door squeezed as I opened and shut it. 

He sweetly smiled to me. 

I let out, not making any eye contact with him whatsoever. 

"I brought you something."
He held up a Wal•Mart sack that contained a bag of hot Cheetos and Pepsi. 
Damn did this boy really know me!
What can I say, he's been with me since I could remember. 

"Thanks." I shyly take his little gift for me. 
He restarts his engine and drives me to work.
The 20 minutes I spent in his car really took me back to the old times.

"I miss this, sometimes."
I huffed out. 

"Me too."
He rests his hand on my hand that was set on my thigh, intertwining our fingers.
I felt so warm and tingly just I I use to get when we were together.
We had reached our destination. 

"Thanks for the ride."
I slam his door and wave goodbye to him.

All throughout work, I couldn't help but think about Jake. 
But thinking of Jake made me think of Harry.
I swear,
I'm so confused right now.
Harry would hate me if he knew I loved Jake and Jake would hate me if Harry convinced me not to be in love with him anymore.

This "love" shit is harder than I thought.

After work, I decided to just take the bus home.
As soon as I opened my gate, there he was;
Harry Styles.
"Uh... Uh.. Ha-Ha-Harry?"
I stuttered. There was no way in hell this was actually happening.

I pinched myself, wondering if I was dreaming.
Nope, not today.

He chuckled,
"That's not the way my name's pronounced, love.
But get in the bed and it'll be that way."
He smirked.
Cheeky him, just like people have said.

"How?-What?-Seriously?-How did you find me?"

"It's called a tracking, I tracked your device, love. 
I know it's strange, and kind of wrong, but I just had to see you."

I went to unlock the door, pushing him inside and carrying his luggage.
"No need to get frisky here, love."

"Harry! People could see you and totally mob us! Clean your mind already!"
I was just so shocked, Harry Styles was actually at my place. 

"I'm here to protect you."

"From what?!"
I spat out.


I totally realized, I'm now back in love with Jake and now Harry's here, having no clue about it. 

I asked.

"There's no need for you to get hurt again. 
I want to tell him what he deserves to hear!"
He exclaimed. 

"There's no need for that Harry, I can handle things myself."

"I know, love. It's just that,
I like you Stacey.
I know it sounds crazy, but I do.
I don't know when or how, I just do.
You're a beauty, inside and out. 
There's no need for you to be hurt.
I just want to repair your heart, that's all."
He paused.
"I'm sorry, that was weird.
You think I should just go? Yeah. Maybe I will just go."

I was more shocked than before, Harry likes me?!
Harry has a crush on me?!
Harry has feelings for me?!

He started to open the door. I rushed to him and tugged his arm,
"Harry, no! Please don't go."
I begged. 

"Trust me, I don't want to."
He turned to face me, showing off that genuine smile of his. 
I almost melted.
This was better than any fantasies, dreams, pictures or music videos.
How can he do this to me?!

"GAH! Don't do that! Just put your luggage into that room there before I die!"
I joked, pointing to the guest bedroom.

While he was settling himself there, I was standing around my living room, wondering if I should say anything to Harry or not. 

I don't know what to do!
BOTH of them are in love with me now.
Of course I'd chose Harry without hesitations, but maybe he'd leave me eventually. 
I don't know!
I don't know who's true. 
Jake could do the exact same thing. 

But wait ... 

What if Jake see's Harry here?
That's would be a mushroom cloud in my house. 

News Reporters: A local resident, Stacey Knight is now dead due to a mushroom cloud here in her very own home.
Any of the criminals care to explain?

Then Harry and Jake would probably start fighting, and I'd be up in heaven all like,
"Yeah, these two guys exploded in my house. It's cool."

A phone blared off. 
But it sounded to be coming from another room.
Someone please tell me Harry hasn't taken my cell phone, it was the exact same ringtone as mine. 

"Why are ya lookin' so still? It's just one of the lads."
He threw his arm around my shoulders.

"OMG OMG OMG. Harry. Styles. From. One. Direction. Is. Touching. Me. Stacey. Knight."
Even though I didn't want to, I pushed his arm off of me. 

"Hello? Zayn?
Yeah, she's here.
Wanna say hello?"

"Yes yes yes yes yes!"
I screamed in my head.
Zayn was my second favorite boy, next to Harry. 

I grabbed his phone,
"Hey Zaynie!"
Yes. I said Zaynie. We haven't known each other for long, then I all of a sudden give him a random nickname. 

"Stacey! Vas happening?"
He mocked an Indian accent. He's half Pakistani, he can pull off that kind of stuff. 
Thankfully he went along with things after I pulled the "Zaynie". 

"I'm just around with Harry, you?"

"Just with the lads for our vacation here in California. Too bad you can't join."

"Work kills, that's why I can't. Talk to you later Zaynie, I'm gonna freshen up before dinner. Bye!"
I gave the phone back to Harry before I walked into my room to change. 

I'll just wore some of those tribal printed leggings and my cool Ed Sheeran sweatshirt, Harry will be attracted when he sees. 

Maybe we can go out for dinner? Yeah! I'm too lazy to cook tonight. 

"Hey Harry,"
I began.

"Yes, love?"
Damn. I hate when he says that. It makes me go all gaga.

"Wanna go out and eat tonight?"

"Sure, where at?"

"It's a surprise, now let's go!"
I slipped on my black army looking boots and dragged him out the door. 

We got into my lame Kia Rio and were on our way in no time. 

Finally, we reached the place; Doilie's Diner.
I knew this was where I met Jake, but I shooed Jake out of my mind for the moment and focused on food and Harry. 

"Harry, wait here."

"What? Wh-"
I slammed the door before he could say more. 


She shouted back,
"Just who I've been dying to see! How are you sweet cheeks?"

I leaned in for a hug as she did the same,
"Great, how are you?"

"Busy as always, sales are going up finally!"

"You're sale will get higher if you could make me two combo take outs of those famous barbecue ribs of yours with a extra large order of fries and lots of ranch and honey mustard!"

"You've got it!
Why take out? Don't you wanna stay and chit chat?"
She seemed a bit upset as she was writing down my order.

"I'd love to, but I've got company."

"Who's that handsome fellow in your shotgun?"
*ding ding ding*
She rung the bell for my order to be made.

I leaned into her ear,
"Harry Styles from that band I'm always talking about."

Her mouth became the shape of the letter 'O'. 

"Yes! I'm serious! Be happy, I'm making him try your food tonight! Trust me, we'll probably be back for more."

She handed me a paper sack with my order filling it.
"Take care now, ya hear? Them is dangerous kind of men!"

"Yes ma'am!"
I ran out the door and back to my car.

"Oh shit."

"Why, love?" Harry asked. 

I slammed my keys into their entrance and started the car.
"It's Jake, he saw us."

You know, I'm right.
This "love" shit really is harder than I thought. 
Especially when your heart turns into the shape of a triangle.

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