Follower (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

"I'm confused. I can't determine if the signs are telling me to let go already, or are just testing me on how long I can hold on."

Stacey Knight, a 19 year old fangirl has had one of her wishes come to life: A follow back via Twitter from one of her celebrity crushes, One Direction's Harry Styles. Although, her last love & heart break, Jake Davis comes in the way and the love triangle begins. She loves both, both love her. Having that be, only certain movements will make her seek who she truly desires.


2. Back to the Heart Break


I had felt sleepy from my long run earlier. 

I close my can of Pringles, laying them beside me.

I shut my eyes and place my phone on my stomach. 

Around 15 minutes later, my phone rings once again. 

Although, it's not who I'd hope it to be.

"Great." I was disgusted. 

For it was Jake Davis, my recent ex boyfriend. 

It was pretty random for him to be calling, 
it's been almost 11 months we've been separated and ignoring one another. 

Even though my feelings for him are undetermined,
I don't want to show weakness to him.

I become fierce. 

"What do you want? God, can't you just leave me alone?"

Not a word was released from his mouth.

"Well, what? What do you want?"

"It's not what I want. It's what I need."

"What? Sex? Money? Backup? What?"
At this point, I was annoyed. 

"No.. You."

"Oh really?
Why don't you call up that bitch excuse of a babe and tell her you need her?
It obviously worked the first time!"

"That's why I called.
Stacey, I still love you. It all came back to me, you're still the one. 
I was so stupid for letting you go."

A throwback came to my mind.

My memory went to the times when he was my best friend, when he was so sweet and caring..

But then again, what he did..

After all the trust and love I poured to him, wasted. 

I knew deep down at the bottom of my heart that I still loved him too. 

I can let him know that though. 

"What the hell is wrong with you? It's like you don't even get it. 

What you did was done. 
You think you can just win me back with your words? 

Get the fuck off the phone and think!"

I set my phone on my night stand beside me.

But it rings again.

I didn't bother to see who was calling, I was already angry my day was ruined with that last phone call.




"Yeah. You alright?"

"No no.. 
Never mind that, I'm sorry. 
That wasn't towards you."

"Thank goodness, alright. So what's up?"

"I was just about to fall asle-"

"Ohhh. Sorry. Alright. Get your beauty rest, we can chit chat tomorrow, yeah? Goodnight love."

"Muwah muwah muwah muwah muwah!"
Louis bombed. 

He hung up before I could say any more.

Peace. I just need peace. 

Suddenly, I see light flash in my room through the window. 

I get up and make way to the front door.

When I open, I see Jake's car and him coming out of it. 

He noticed that I had saw.

I quickly close and lock the door. 

He runs up and rings the doorbell multiple times.

"Stacey.. Stacey!
Open up, you can't hide from me."

Thankfully, my door had a barred door over it, so I cracked it open a bit.


He stretches his arms out through the bars. 

I step back,
"I said what? What do you want? What are you even doing here?"

"I need you. I want you back. 
Stacey, please? Give me one last chance!

I'm sorry. 

I didn't mean to hurt you. 

I love you. I still love you."

"Why are you telling me this now? 
You didn't stop me to tell me before, now did you?"

"I wasn't using my head, I--"

"Yeah, you weren't using THIS head!"
I thunked his forehead.

"You can't just expect all that to work on me, I'm nothing like her."

"Exactly Stacey, exactly you're nothing like her. 

And I'm not telling her now how much I want her, because I want you."

"Well 1. Me not being like her wasn't good enough.

And 2. You obviously, you wanted her instead of me before. 

I'm not a rebound. 

So unless you've got something better, 
leave my fucking doorway right now before I jam your face in the bars.
Okay? Bye."

I slam the door shut from my anger. 

I'm not gonna look like dog piss in front of his face, I need to show him I'm stronger and playing harder.


Maybe I can ask Harry how to make Jake jealous!

Yes! That's it!


From happy to pissed, from pissed to happy all over again.

I went back to my bed and laid down, falling asleep in a instant. 

*The Next Morning*

8:57am and my phone turned to a siren.

I slowly wake up, clear my eyes and see who it could be.


"Great! Just who I needed to speak with!"

"We'll you seem very jolly, what's happening?"

"Don't you mean VAS HAPPENING?!"

"Zayn, that's so old."

"Old, but gold. Harry, geez man!"
Zayn was a little upset, but shook it off. 


My ex boyfriend, Jake is back to get me.

I need help on planning revenge on him."

"So, you think I'm the one with a sinister mind?"

"You could possibly be?"

"What did he even do to you?"

"Jake and I have been best friends since we were 6 & 7 years old.

About 2 years ago, I had started dating him. 
We were together for a year. 

One day, I invited him to a movie, but he said he was gonna be busy that day.

I just decided to go by myself.

So after the movie, I ordered our favorite take out from TGIFriday's and..."

I chocked up.

"And what?" Harry asked.

I sniffled and huffed out a breath.

The tears started to stream down my face.

"I heard noises coming from his room as I stood at the front door of his apartment. 

I made my way to his window, and  peeked through the cracks of the blinds.

There it was, right where my eyes could see it.

Him on top of a girl who wasn't me, they were in the middle of making love.

I'm not that kind of girl.. So I guess that's why he cheated.

I knocked on his door.

It took him a while, but he answered it.

He had sex hair and love bites all over him.

I kept yelling the words,


After my 2 minute fit, I opened up the take out and threw it all over him.

Then I flipped him off, and told him we were totally over.

I got to my car, my eyes were blurred from all the crying and
as I drove back to my place, I got in a car accident near to a traffic light. 

My mind was filled with too much.

He's caused me so much pain and damage... And now he wants me back?!

I just want to get him back, or play hard to get. 

I need your help, I'm not an expert at either of these things!"

"I know just what do to."

"Don't stall, TELL ME ALREADY!"

"Just let me work my stuff, trust me. Okay?"

I sighed. 

I was hoping for an answer right away.

"Okay, okay.. Sorry!"

"Alright love, I need to get some rest. It's my day off, and I've been busy all night. I'll call you later."

And he hung up again, he always does that; never let's me say goodbye. 

I lay back down on my bed, closing my eyes, hoping I could fall asleep again since it was still early. 

*Ding Dong*

The sound of my doorbell went off. 

"Seriously?! C'MON!"

I march to the door and open up.


"Hi, uh... Ms. Stacey Knight?"


"Sign here please."

I sighed the form like the man had asked, taking the flowers out of his hand.

He went back to his truck as I closed the door.

The flowers were my favorite...
Pink Tulips.

I get out the note stuck at the top, reading it aloud.

"I remembered what today could've been."

I checked my phone.

May 12th.

Our anniversary day.

"UGH!" I growled. 

I opened the window and threw the flowers right out.


I curled up on my sofa and thought for a minute. 

I don't get what he wants. 

He never told me after that, why is he just showing up now?! 

I just don't get it, I really don't. 


Many loud knocks on my door appeared. 

Great. Jake was here... AGAIN.


I yelled. 

"Please... Stacey, please."


"No. I'm gonna stay here until you open up.
It's Monday. 
You wake up around 9-ish and go to Starbucks every morning around 9:45, ordering a caramel latte. 
And lucky for you, I've boughten it this morning."


He knew me well. 

That's exactly my life. 

I've given up, my feelings were bi polar now due to the fact I still love him too.

I sighed. 

"I'm only gonna open the door because I want the latte."

I slowly unlock the door, full of hesitations. 

I crack it open, unlocking the barred door as well. 

There he was, standing at my door in his pajamas, along with my favorite-everyday latte. 

I grabbed it, awkwardly trying not to touch his hand. 


"Can I come in?"

"I opened the door, didn't I?"

"Oh.. Sorry."

He entered and sat down on the sofa. 

I shut the door and headed beside him, but keeping a distance.

I took a sip of the latte, it was warm. The temperature I always liked it. 

"I wanna talk."

He takes my hand my one free hand.

"Talking doesn't require touching."

"Fine, fine. I'm sorry."

He surrenders his hands in the air, then slaps them down on his thighs. 

"What's there to talk about? I just wanted the latte."

"Stacey, please.

I lov-"

"Don't even start with that shit. 

If I have to talk with you, I want a good explanation."

When you invited me out to the movies, it was the same day my brother was in town."

Jake's older brother, Mason, was in the army, so he was hardly around. 

"Then he wanted to go drinking that night..

I thought we'd just go to a simple bar, but he dragged me into a strip club."

"Well you could've always left."


There was the girl, I don't even remember her name.

But she was there.

She teased me, played with me, just seduced me.

I got out of control then, my hormones took charge. 

So I brought her home.

My mind wasn't clear, I was drunk and horny. 

Nothing really happened, 
we just undressed and made out.

But as we were in bed, 

You arrived. 

I heard a knock,
I knew it was you because of the specific knock you always do when you come to my place. 

Then I froze.

I shook and realized what was going on.

I got up from my bed and got dressed.

I told the girl to get dressed too and go home.

I answered the door as fast as I could. 

Then you had a fit, and threw the take out at me. 

I let you, I knew you were angry and upset. 

Then you left me. 

After you left, the girl did too.

I cried, looking at the photograph of you on my nightstand. 

30 minutes later, your friend Chloe called and told me you had called her crying, 
asking her to meet you up at the nearby diner,
but that you had gotten in a car accident at the traffic light.

She told me to tag along to see you in the hospital, but I told her I'd catch up later. 

I didn't go at all. 

I didn't want to see you.

I didn't want to hurt you again. 

That's why I didn't acknowledge you one bit after that day. 

I just didn't want you to hurt anymore. 

I didn't want to let you slip away like that, but I did it for you.

Everyday for the past year...

I always think about sending that 'good morning' and 'good night' text,
that 'have a nice day at work' call, 
our favorite take out at TGIFriday's we get when we just wanna chill 
or watch movies, 
our rain dance, 
the 'I love you's', 
everything we've ever had. 

I should have apologized way ahead of time, 

I'm just so sorry."

He broke down right in front of me.

I wasn't thinking of how mad at him I was, only about how much I really do love him.

We've been through so much our whole lives, I just can't throw him away.. Even though I slightly want to.


I placed my hand over his, squeezing it tightly. 

"I'm so sorry Stacey.."

He looked up at me, his eyes puffed and nose red.
He sniffles between his words. 

"Jake, you have to understand I can't just automatically take you back. 

My mind needs time to process and think, be in peace.

But just know, I love you too, alright?"

He nodded his head, unable to speak.

He quickly cupped my face with his hands, and kissed me.

Of course, like times before, I felt the old butterflies come back into my stomach. 

I decided not to kiss him back. 

He detached his lips from mine.

"I just can't right now, I'm sorry."

I lightly pecked him on the cheek, squeezing his hands once again.

"I better head out. My shift is in an hour."

He got up, going towards the door.

I stopped him as he was about to walk out. 

"Thanks for the latte."

"Always a pleasure."

He left, closing the door behind him. 

When I heard his car engine start up, I collapsed on my sofa. 

His smell still there.

"Awh shit!"

I instantly bawled. 

I've completely given back into him. 

How am I suppose to tell Harry to cancel Operation Revenge?!

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