One Direction Preferences

This is my first one ever!!!. I don't take requests but comment a situation and i'll try to do it - THANKS!! <3


10. You To Buy A Pet Together!!

 Louis- Today you and Louis were going to buy a pet together. When you enter the pet store the happiness over took you and Lou. After about an hour of looking around and playing with the animals. You and Louis thought that you weren't going to find a pet. When you were walking out the door a little piglet in the back caught your eye. "Lou," you said grabbing his arm and pulling him over to the little piglet. And as soon as Lou saw you knew you had found your pet. "So Lou bear what do you think" you ask. "(Y/N) I think we have found our pet. You pick up the little piglet and got all the item it needed and Lou and you went to pay.After you payed you took a picture of Lou and your pig.(Y/T/N) Look at are little edition to the family Willie. 


Liam- You and Liam had been looking around the pet store for about an hour and a half. And you two had found nothing and you were starting to get disappointed that you weren't going to find one. When you notices Liam falling head over heels for this little English Bulldog. "Li what did you find you," asked while petting the little dog. " I think that I found the one," he said looking at you. "Me too,you said giving him the little puppy."Yes, said hugging you,"Let's go get the supplies he needs okay." You nodded and got up and to get him a bright green leash and dog food. And you brought little Freddie home and showed him to the rest of the guys.


Harry- You had always knew Harry loved cats and after some time and a lot of "convincing" you finally got him to let you guys get a pet. Later that day you guys when to the pet store. After about 40 minutes you and Harry had fallen in love with the little tuxedo cat in the window. And and Harry went to the lady and asked if you could buy that cat. After about 10 minutes of doing paper work. You and Harry picked up the little kitten and took her home. On the way home you and Harry discussed her name and when you got home you finally chosen a name Daisy. And you to loved her very much.


Zayn- A couple of weeks ago you and Zayn had picked out a little German Shepherd puppies.And today you two were going to pick them up. When you got there you couldn't wait to see them and you could tell Zayn couldn't ether.When the lady led you to them they looked the same as you did when you got them just a little bigger. When you were signing the papers you still hadn't pick out names. You sat there awhile and finally came up with there names. When you got home you took a pick of Zayn and the puppies (Y/T/N) Finally got Banjo and Ruby and we could be happier. 


Niall- You and Niall had been sitting there an hour deciding on what dog to get. So after finally choosing a black lab puppy. He was the most hyper of the bunch and kept jumping up to you and Niall and thats when you knew that one was the one.When you went to ask the lady if you could buy him. She said yes but you would wait about a week to get him so you sign all the paperwork. Finally the long week passed and you guys could go get him. When you walked into the room the little puppy grew just a little but still a puppy. After getting all the stuff you needed you finally took little bear home and you've loved him ever since.   



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