One Direction Preferences

This is my first one ever!!!. I don't take requests but comment a situation and i'll try to do it - THANKS!! <3


11. You Guys Make Up

A/N- This is part 2 of he cheats on you

Zayn- It's been two months since that night you caught Zayn cheating on you. These past two months have been horrible the sleepless nights and all the tears you've cried. You hadn't talk to any one really besides El and Lou. Because you had been staying there but it was a secret. When Lou invited the boys over you were always gone with El or some of you other friends. Till one when Lou thought you were gone but you were really in you room reading. So he invited the guys over to hang out for a while. And when you came out of your room to get some water and an apple they were sitting on the couches in the living room. And there he was sitting on the couch watching t.v when he noticed you and that's when everyone noticed you. "(y/n) what are you doing here I thought you were with El," Louis said confused look on his face."No.. I wasn't feeling that good today so I stayed home, you said with breaking eye contact with Zayn. "Oh...Okay (y/n) we'll keep it down so you can rest,'' Zayn said still making eye contact. You just nodded your head and grabbed you food and left with out staying a word to anyone. "So...What's...Umm.....(Y/N) doing here," Zayn asked confusedly. "Shes been staying here the pass two months," Lou said awkwardly. Zayn just nodded his head and started to mess with his phone. About 15 minutes later Zayn left to go to the bathroom. On his way to the bathroom he passed your room and there you were sitting on the bed crying "(Y/N),'' he whisperer. You shot your head up and look at Zayn with you bloodshot eyes. Zayn ran over to on the bed and started holding you and wiping your tears away. As much as you wanted to push him away it was comforting to you. "(Y/N)..I....i'm sorry I shouldn't had done that and.....and i'm sorry please please forgive me...He started before you crushed you lips on to his. "I understand Zayn and I forgive you," you said. And you two stayed like that for the rest of the day.


Harry- Every night you go to bed thinking about what happened with you and Harry you hadn't gotten any sleep in the pass three months. You had been staying at a hotel and just got a new job as a photographer. And had your first shoot and you where getting ready. After you took a nice hot shower you put on a knitted navy blue sweater some denim short,s fishnet leggings, so some black combat boots and grey socks that go just above them. And you braided your hair and did your make. You did the smokey eye effect and a little lip gloss and grabbed your bag,phone and keys and left. When you got to the studio where the shoot was taking place you were setting up you were wondering who this shoot was for. When you finished setting you the shoot was about to start. When the director called out One Direction is needed on the set your stomach dropped. When you realized that you would have to face Harry again. As the were coming on to the platform you tried to hid behind your camera but failed when the director pulled you over to meet the boys. All the boys faces where happy to see expect Harry's face was shocked and confused.All the boys said hi and you went back to the camera were you felt at peace. When the shoot started it was fun taking all the pictures and the where having fun and so where you.Sadly the shoot came to an end when you were packing up the camera you felt someone touch your arm it sent shivers up your spine but in a good way. When you turned around you saw Harry standing there with his hands in his pockets. "Hi," he says quietly "Hi,"you said looking at your feet. There was an awkward silence between the both you. "So I should be going," you said grabbing your camera bag. "About what happened between us i'm really sorry.. I never meant for that to happen and...," At this point his eyes were watering and red. That's when you stepped closer and hugged him so he would calm down. When you pulled away you grab his hand and said "Harry I understand that you never meant for that two happen please stop crying okay.....I forgive you." When you said that he showed that grin that made your heart stop. And when you were daydream he crashed his lips on to yours. Oh how you missed that feeling that's when you heard Louis shouted " Get a room," across the studio that made you laugh and breaking the kiss. That's when you knew that you could spend forever with him. 


Liam- It had been about 2 and 1/2 mouths since you and Liam had that big fight and every day it has replayed in your mind. Today you were at the you were leaving your hotel which you were staying at. Where going to the local cafe downtown and you decided to walk because it was a beautiful day out. So after you took a shower you grabbed a grey zip up sweater,some white skinny jeans and some black heels. And you grabbed your bag your book and your keys,phone and left. When you were walking down the street felt the fall breeze blow against your face and in your hair. When you got  to the cafe it was cozy and warm. You went and ordered your usually and went to go grab you a table. When you went to grab your coffee when you went to pay the lady said, "no the gentleman over there already paid for it." You looked in the direction she was pointing in. And there was Liam sitting at a table looking at his phone. So you gabbed your coffee and walked over there. You sat down at Liam table and he looked up and smiled at you. "Hi (Y/N)," he whispered while playing with his lid on the cup. "Well thanks for the coffee," you said while getting up."(Y/N) can we talked," he said you nodded your head and sat down. " I've missed you so much. Please forgive me i'll be a better man then I was before," Before he could finish you kissed him. "I forgive you," you said while smiling at you. You both got up and spent the rest of the day talking and cuddling.  



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