One Direction Preferences

This is my first one ever!!!. I don't take requests but comment a situation and i'll try to do it - THANKS!! <3


13. You Guys Make Up Part.2

 A/N-Here's Louis&Niall


Louis- Today marked 4 months since you and Louis broke up. It had been a really hard 4 months,you hadn't gotten much sleep cause the break up kept playing in your mind. But today you weren't going to let it get to you. Because today Harry(yes you still talked to the boys) was talking you to a football(soccer) game. So now after your shower you were standing in your closet deciding on what to wear Finally you choose a long-sleeved royal purple shirt,white skinny jeans and your favorite black converse high tops. Then you did your hair natural and the same with your makeup. Then you gabbed your bag,phone and keys when you heard the doorbell. You opened it and saw Harry standing "Hi (Y/N)," he said in his deep voice. "Hey Harry," you said while locking door to your flat. 

 ~Skipping Car Ride~

When you guys got the stadium it was pack but not to bad. You gave your tickets to the person behind the glass and went to get popcorn and drinks. You guys had pretty good seats in the stadium, you guys talked until the game started. When the players came out you thought one of them looked a lot Louis. You snapped out of your thoughts when you heard the loud speaker say " Ladies and Gentleman today we have a special guest player on the field. Please welcome Louis Tomlinson." The crowd erupted in applause but you just sat there in shock when you turned to Harry. "Harry," you snapped. "Yes (Y/N) love," he said quietly. " Did you know that Lou was playing in the game today," you spat back. " Erm...Um...," was all he could say. "Harry," you snapped back. "Yes I did sorry. I thought that if you knew that you wouldn't want to come." he said with sorry in his eyes. " No its fine Harry," said giving him a hug. You started to get into the game and even cheered when Louis would make goals. When Lou shot the winning goal you couldn't help but get to your feet and cheer Harry noticed and joined you. When you sat down again Harry started to laugh at you. You hit his arm as he pulled you down the stairs to the field. You stop laughing when you noticed that he was pulling over to were Lou was."Harry," said with confusion in your voice. "Relax I promise Lou that i'd pick him up when the game was over," he said when you reached Louis. "Hey mate ready to go," Harry asked Lou kept glancing at you who was staring at your shoes. " Yea mate let's go," he said look away from you. But then Harry's phone began to ring.  "Um.. this well just be a minute," he said walking away and there you and Louis were standing there awkwardly. Then Louis spoke up "Well i'm just going to cut to the chase (Y/N) i'm sorry about what happened and I think about every minute of everyday. And I just want to say i'm sorry and that I miss you and want you back. So pretty please say that you'll take me back. I'll treat you better then any guy can or have." He begged you with his eyes turning red with that you pulled him into your arms. And let him cry in your arms and realized what he said was true and you really missed him to. "Shh...Lou its okay love. I've miss you and yes I will forgive you." you said trying not to cry either. When Harry came back he said,"Well it looks like the lovebirds are back together." You and Lou laughed and nodded your head. And today this day Lou has kept his promise.


Niall- It had been about 3 months since you and Niall split up. And you haven't talked to him you missed his voice and his smile that could light up any room.But you couldn't think about that today because you had your championship volleyball game today and you weren't going to let him ruin it. Because if you thought of him or ever saw him again you were going to break down and cry. You were warming up for the game. When you heard someone call your name. You turned around to see Louis,Harry,Zayn and Liam standing there yelling your name. So you jogged over there to see them you still talked to them because they were like brothers to you. "Hey guys," you said when you reached them. They pulled you into a big group hug. "So (Y/N) you excited for the game," Liam  asked you when the hug was over. "Yeah i'm pumped," you said jumping up and down.They went to sit down while you went to sit with your team. 

~Skip To The End Of The Game~

After you served the winning ball you got attacked by your team mates, your family and the boys. And they were taking you out so you went to the gym showers and took a quick hot shower. Then pulled out the clothes you packed in your gym bag. It was a strapless floral dress that went to your knees and some cream colored flats. When you walked out you saw Niall standing there with a bouquet of your favorite flowers.   


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