One Direction Preferences

This is my first one ever!!!. I don't take requests but comment a situation and i'll try to do it - THANKS!! <3


3. How You Wake Him Up In The Morning

Harry- you play with his curls. And and you kiss his neck until he wakes. Good Morning (y/n) he says in his sexy morning voice that makes you melt. Nothing just wanted to hear your sexy morning voice you giggled. He laughed and kissed you deeply. 


Louis- You and Louis had been going out for about 2 years now. Lou always had wired ways to wake you up. Like the other day you were awoken by Lou singing the wake up song. So you thought you'd get back a him. You turned over and looked over at Louis sleeping. He looked so cute and peaceful laying there, not for long you thought. You carefully stood making sure you didn't wake up Louis. And you started to jump on Louis while yelling Lou Bear wake up. After 2 minutes of doing that you felt two arms grabbing you down. (y/n) what the hell are you doing Louis said. Just trying to wake you up you said between laughing fits. Well you did he said kiss you.


Naill- You were down stairs quietly making you and your boyfriend Naill some breakfast. 20 minutes later you had made scrambled eggs,toast and orange juice. You walked up the stairs and put the food down on the bedside table. You straddled Naill and grabbed the plate. And slowly moved the plate by Naill's nose. You did that a couple a times. When Naill eyes flew open and you stared laughing. What are you doing (y/n) he said while sitting up. He took the plate and you said just trying to wake you up. And it worked. After you both ate, Naill grabbed your waist and said I hope you wake me up like that more often.  


Liam-You and Liam had been dating for about 3 years now. You'd woken up to your boyfriend laying next to you. He was laying there shirtless and you decided to woke him up. You carefully straddled Liam and began to kiss his abs and began making your way up yo his neck. Once you reached his neck you could feel him waking up. You stopped and looked at him. He was looking at you. You laughed what you said. Nothing just looking at how beautiful you are (y/n) Liam said while pecking your lips. 


Zayn- You were looking at your handsome boyfriend for 2 1/2 years. You loved how he slept with his shirt off. You started tracing his tattoos on his arm and didn't notice he was awake and looking at you. When you notice he was awake you blushed. (y/n) no need to blush its cute when you do that Zayn said while kissing you. That made you blush again Zayn laughed at that seeing you did it again.   


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