One Direction Preferences

This is my first one ever!!!. I don't take requests but comment a situation and i'll try to do it - THANKS!! <3


1. How You To Meet


#1 How You Too Meet 


Zayn- You to meet at a tattoo place. When you both were waiting to get called back. While waiting you to bonded over the tattoos you picked. You picked a rose cause it was your favorite flower.And Zayn picked a smiley face cause it remind him of you. Because you were always smiling.After getting them done. You guys exchanged number. And that's how the relationship started.


Liam- You meet at the book store where you work. He goes to buy the book and he just happens to pick buy your favorite book. And you to talk about the book. When you bag the book you write down your number on a sticky note and put it on the book. You gave it back to him and said call me some time. That next night you find yourself getting ready for your date with Liam. 


Louis-  You meet Louis at the beach. When you were waxing your surfboard, you turned around and grab your board your wax was gone. After about five minutes your see a handsome man using your wax. You walked over to confront him about stealing your stuff. After some time arguing with Louis. He ran away with your wax.,you chased him around the beach like a 5 year old. You gave up after 10 minutes so you just went to go grab your board to go home. When you felt a tap on your shoulder. It was Louis sorry he said with a frown, Its okay you said shrugging it off. Um... do you want to go for a surf Louis questioned. Sure you giggled grabbing your board. after awhile Louis gave you his number so you guys could surf again some time. 


Naill- You were a waitress at Nandos. And One day a cute blonde sitting in your area. You walked over to him and said Hi i'm (y/n) and i'll be your waitress. Hi i'm Naill he said in his thick adorable Irish accent. After he was done eating his food. He called you'd over to send his check. After about 5 minutes he left and you went over to go get your tip. You notice something on the check. It was Naill's number and it said give me a call some time-Naill xx. And before you knew it you had spent all night talking to him.  



Harry- You meet this curly cutie at the bakery he worked at. Early that day you had ordered a special cake. Harry took your order you guys talked and you began having feelings for Harry. He had felt the same to but you didn't know. About two hours later you went back to the bakery. You paid for your cake and walked back to your car. When you got to your car you opened the cake. In bright blue frosting it said call me- Harry and his number. You looked up and saw Harry doing the call me sign through the big glass window. It's been a year since that day and you and Harry couldn't be more in love.



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