One Direction Preferences

This is my first one ever!!!. I don't take requests but comment a situation and i'll try to do it - THANKS!! <3


4. How You Tell Them Your Pregnant

Niall- You were sitting in the bathroom waiting to see if the test was positive. After five minutes you get up and go over to the sink. There it was a little pink plus sign starring at you. After seeing that you quickly get rid of it cause Niall would be coming home soon. As soon as you got to the kitchen you heard the front door open and you act like you were making dinner. (y/n) i'm home Niall said in his Irish accent. Hi babe you say hoping he didn't pick up on the shock in your voice. Niall came in and gave a quick peck on the lips and went up to take a shower. When you were done putting dinner in the oven. You went up to see your boyfriend. When you walked threw the door you saw Niall holding your test. You quickly ran and sat on the bed with him just looking at him. After 10 minutes sitting there in silence you finally said something. Ni........Niall.....please say something while holding back tears. I'm........going to be a dad,he said while having a hug cheeky grin on his face. And then you knew it was going to be okay. 


Zayn- You and your long time boyfriend Zayn had talked about having kids and he was up for it. But you never actually thought it would happen. That morning you and Zayn had been laying in bed and you felt like you were going to puke. So you jumped out bed and ran into the bathroom and puke your stomach out. Zayn heard you of coarse cause you weren't exactly quit. So he came in and was rubbing circles in your back. So having be prepared you grabbed a test out of the cabinet and did your thing. So now there you two were sitting in the bathroom waiting. After about 5 minutes the test should be ready. Zayn i'm......i'm sacred you look first. Okay he said and got up to the sink and look at the test. Well congrats mommy -cakes he said while handing you the test. 


Liam- You had know you were pregnant for about a week now. But you didn't you haven't told Liam yet. And then it came to you,since Liam's favorite movie was toy story you thought it would be cute to tell him and adding that with it. So you went to they store and bought a Woody doll. And wrapped it up and give it to Liam. You guys were curled up on the couch watching t.v and you pulled out the gift. What's this for he ask with a confused look on his face. Oh..... nothing just a little gift for my boyfriend. After about a minute you said well open it up silly while laughing. When he open it there was a woody. Awe thanks babe he said kissing you. No that's not it.......look at his boots. There on his boots it said I'm pregnant. Looking up at you smiling with the biggest smile you have ever seen.


Harry- It was Christmas morning and you, your boyfriend Harry and the other boys were sitting around the tree. It was down to the last gifts. You had just found out 2 days ago you were pregnant and were super happy. Know all there was left  to do was tell Harry. You snapped out of your little day dream when you heard Louis say the last gift was for Harry. To Harry from (y/n). Harry looked over at you and smiled that cheeky smile. Whats this he said still smiling. Um...I don't know....You'll have to open it to find out. He finally started to open the smallish gift. When he finally open it there was a diaper. He gave you a confused look on his face. Open it you say trying not to laugh. As he was opening it the others were trying not to laugh as well. when he open it inside it said your going to be a daddy. Really he said with that same smile, yup you replied while he passed the diaper along to everyone. 


Louis- You had found out last night that you were pregnant with your boyfriend Louis's kid. Seeing how Louis loves children you thought it wouldn't be that bad. So that very morning you were going to tell him. While he was still sleeping you made some pancakes. When you were done,you brought them up to sleeping Louis. You quietly place them on the bed side table and sat on top of Louis and started kissing him. When he woke up finally he look at you with a sly smile. What are you doing (y/n) love? Nothing I made you some breakfast you said handing the plate. And across the top in whipped cream it said YOU'RE DADDY LOU. After reading that he looked up at you and smiled and then started kissing you belly. He said to your little baby in your tummy,mommy and daddy love you so much. And that made your heart melt.  











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