One Direction Preferences

This is my first one ever!!!. I don't take requests but comment a situation and i'll try to do it - THANKS!! <3


8. He Cheats!!!

Zayn- You and your  longtime boyfriend Zayn and the guys were at a club. And were a little tipsy but you were still normal. After a while your boyfriend Zayn excused himself to the restroom. After a while you notice he hadn't come back and you began to look. About 25 minutes passed and you still couldn't find him. You called him and got his voice mail again. You walked out of the club to see if you could see his car...Nope. Hey Louis can you take me home you yelled over the music. Yup (y/n) Louis said as he walked over to you. (y/n) Louis said breaking the silence. Yes Louis you questioned, Why didn't Zayn take you home he asked. Ummm.... Louis I don't know you kinda yelled. Ohh he whispered back. Here you (y/n) Thanks Lou you said getting out of the car Hey (y/n) Louis shouted Yes you yelled back.If you need anything (y/n) El is back at the house he said sympathetically. Thanks Lou yes waving bye to him as he drove away.  You stood at the door carefully opened the door to your and Zayn's flat. You walked in and everything seemed normal. Untill you heard noises coming from the bedroom. You quietly walked you the stairs and when you got to the door you grabbed the cold door nob and there it was. Zayn on top of another girl you stood there shocked. Zayn must of heard the door open cause he turned around. Hey baby he slurred your just in time to join us he said walking over to. No Zayn you shouted and slammed the door. Well your missin out then babe he yelled trough the door. I'm you yelled back well good cause were over. You ran to the hall closet and grabbed a suitcase and luckily you were doing laundry. You shoved your clothes in the suitcase well tears stained your cheeks. You grabbed your keys and your phone and that's the last time you were ever there.  


Harry- You always knew Harry was a flirt but it never really bothered yo. Cause he always told you he you were his forever and always. And you believed him so it didn't scared you when you left to go see you your parents in (w/y/l). But today you were coming home and could't wait to see your loving boyfriend. When you got back to the flat you to shared there was a strange car out front of the flat but you didn't care cause you wanted to see Harry. When you opened the door the smell of alcohol filled the room Harry you yelled when you got inside nothing. Harry you yelled again nothing. Then you heard something upstairs so you quietly walked up the stairs to your door.  When you got to the door you heard the same noise again so you open the door to Harry with another girl. Harry you yelled trying not to cry yet. He kept on doing what he was doing Harry you screamed again.What he yelled looking at you cant you see i'm busy he snapped. Fine you yelled were over Harry Styles. Good her yelled back and you slammed the door. Grabbed your bags from your recent trip and never came back. 


Liam- GOD (Y/N) CAN YOU STOP YELLING FOR ONE MINUTE. NO I WON'T LIAM WHOSE FUCKING BRA IS THIS CAUSE ITS NOT MINE. I TOLD YOU (Y/N) I DON'T KNOW WHO THAT IS. WHATEVER LIAM, you yelled and ran up stairs to your guys room. And you started to pack your bags. (y/n) what are you doing Liam asked you more calmer. What it look like Liam i'm leaving....I think we need to have a break you said trying to choke back the tears. No (y/n) I love you he said trying to hug you. No Liam if you loved me then you wouldn't have cheated on me. You said zipping up your bags and walking away from his open arms.GOD (Y/N) I TOLD YOU I DON'T KNOW WHOSE THOSE ARE he yelled back fallowing you down the stairs. THEN LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU FIND OUT WHOSE THOSE ARE you said slamming the door and never coming back. 


Louis- LOUIS WHO IS THIS you said throwing a magazine at him. Louis pick up the magazine and looked at it and started chuckling at it. HIS ISNT A JOKE LOUIS you said as he walked up to you. GOD(Y/N) WHY DO YOU ALWAYS THINK I'M CHEATING ON YOU. That's when you realized it he was drunk as soon as he opened his mouth you smelled the alcohol on his breath. If your not cheating then why did I find this text message on your phone you say shoving the phone in his face. FINE THERE I SAID IT ARE YOU  HAPPY KNOW he snapped back at you. YES I'M HAPPY LOUIS AND YOU I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY WITH HER you said as you grabbed your keys and phone.OKAY I WELL he said and last the last you heard him. 


Niall- You and Niall had been dating for about 1 and 1/2. You were still in bed and you heard his phone go off. Ni you said no answer Niall you said again still no answer. Then you got up and realized that he wasn't there he was in the shower. So you got up and grabbed his phone and opened it. There was a text message from some girl saying babe I miss you <3 let me know when you leave that other girl. You read that message over and over again in your head until you heard the sower stop. And by that time you had already gotten dressed and grabbed a bag out the closet and started putting clothes in it. (Y/N) what are you doing Niall asked when he came in. I'D ASK YOU THE SOMETHING NIALL. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT (Y/N he snapped. I'M TALKING ABOUT THE TEXT MESSAGE YOU GOT FROM THIS GIRL. WHO SAYS SHE CANT WAIT FOR ME TO LEAVE. WELL YOU KNOW WHAT SHE GOT HER WISH . WERE OVER NIALL. Wait (y/n) I love you please don't leave me he said running after you be it was to late. That was the last conversation you to had.  



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