The Styles triplets

Now, I know you have heard of Harry Styles....The pop sensation, every teen girl is talking about around the universe....But there are two more....Marcel and Lance Styles...They are the siblings of Harry....They are triplets. Harry is the sensitive one(and softy, sometimes the scary one), Marcel is the nerd who spends most of his time designing clothing for his brother and hopes that someday his brothers band may wear it.... Lance is the Jock, he gets all the girls...And the other two don't know why, he is just a complete jerk...And then there's me the girl that practically grew up with these three hazardous kids, Lily. I lived right next to them and I went to their school...And I was their older sisters best friend....


2. The wedding...

Day turned into night and night turned into morning. I've been talking to Marcel for about 17 hours...

We talked about our lives and how we missed people that passed away, and we cried together...

I haven't ever cried with a guy at all!

And one thing I would never bring up, I brought up...I talked about my father, and about how he died and how I wished he was here right now...

I talked about graduation to Marcel, (We graduated together.)

We talked about the bad things and good things about life.

It felt amazing to get all this anger you've been hiding for years out..

I was now in bed trying to fall asleep, but when I was about half asleep, my mother came in and shook me awake.

"Cinnamon bun, get up your outfit is out for the wedding." She says.

"Wait that's today?" I ask.

She nods and hands me a nice pink dress.

I sighed and got out of bed.

"Your hair, nails, and makeup will be done at the hotel." She says.

I nodded and shooed her out of my room so I could change.

After I was in the dress, I put on the pink flats near the end of my bed.

I brushed my hair down and walked out.

I went downstairs to find Marcel, Harry (Shocker), Gemma, and Lance waiting for me.

I twirled in my dress when I got down the stairs.

Harry smiled and looked at me from head to toe.

Marcel nudged him.

I noticed something was missing from Marcel and it made him look like Harry and Lance..

"Marcel, where are your glasses?" I ask.

"I have contacts in for today." He replies.

He hit puberty a couple weeks ago and he hit it late...

People always thought he was a gay nerd...

Gemma ran up to me and hugged me, "Darling, I missed you!"

"I missed you too, but my air whole is closing." I manage to get out while she was still squeezing me.

"Oh sorry." She says letting go.




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