The Styles triplets

Now, I know you have heard of Harry Styles....The pop sensation, every teen girl is talking about around the universe....But there are two more....Marcel and Lance Styles...They are the siblings of Harry....They are triplets. Harry is the sensitive one(and softy, sometimes the scary one), Marcel is the nerd who spends most of his time designing clothing for his brother and hopes that someday his brothers band may wear it.... Lance is the Jock, he gets all the girls...And the other two don't know why, he is just a complete jerk...And then there's me the girl that practically grew up with these three hazardous kids, Lily. I lived right next to them and I went to their school...And I was their older sisters best friend....


14. Again?

I don't understand why he's such a bitch at times. I want to be his girlfriend but him just blowing up at unexpected moments, I can't handle it...

I began packing my clothes late that night.. As I was packing my phone began to ring I looked at the caller ID and it was Harry. I didn't answer and I went back to packing.

After I was done packing I decided to see if Harry left a message. I walk over to my phone and pick it up. I press my voicemail and I begin to here Harry sighing, "I understand you won't fucking answer, but just to let you know, I love you to death and I don't ever want to hurt you.. I mean if I do I don't try to.. Just open the hotel door and let's talk."

Was he still out there? He couldn't be. I walk over to the door and open it to find Harry sleeping near my door. I tap his shoulder and he flinches and wakes up.

He smiles at the sight of me, "You got my voicemail."

"Yeah." I reply.

He he's up and grabs me into his arms and begins kissing my lips violently. He and I stumble into the room and he closes the door behind us. He throws me on the bed and he gets on top of me and puts his hands beside each side of my head and he looks down at me, "You're beautiful"

I bite my lip, "Your more sexy with your shirt off.l

He chuckles, "I know." He takes his shirt off and throws it on the floor. He undoes his belt and throws that on the floor too.

I bite my lip harder. He's just do sexy.

"How bout your shirt?" He asks.

"Oh yeah," I get out.

He begins taking my shirt off for me. Once my shirt is off he looks at my chest, "Last time I saw them they weren't nearly as big as they are now"

I blush and bite my lip again. He leans back in and he kisses me sloppy.. He then cleans up and our lips begin moving in synch.

We stop kissing and he just smiles, "I missed you so much.."

"Yeah sure jackass!" I say.

"I did." He says.





I woke up next to Harry and I notice I was still in my pants from yesterday. Harry's arm is wrapped around my torso so I don't know how I can move without waking him..

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