Best Night Ever

Teenage girls Angharad and Chloe get the chance to help on set of One Direction's new music video 'Best Song Ever' which, for these girls, is a dream come true. Could this opportunity lead to romance? Or will it be a disaster made in hell?


2. Lets Meet The Girls

Harrys POV:

Today me and the boys are off to Orlando to meet the girls who won our competition and then we're filming the video tomorrow. I think the two girls who won were called Chloe and Angharad and they sound really nice so it should be a load of fun!

Y'know, if I'm honest, I'll probably end up asking one of them out cause I want to find a girl but someone who likes me for being Harry Styles not Harry Styles from One Direction. Hopefully they'll be all chilled out when they meet us but I doubt it as from what I've heard, they're pretty obsessed with us.


Nialls POV:

We're meeting the girls today and for some reason I recognise Angharads name and I can't put my finger on it where I know it from. Maybe I met her a couple years back. Who knows? I'm sure either way she and Chloe will be great girls.

I can't way to tell them about the video for Best Song Ever cause its gonna be really funny and I just know it'll make them laugh. How about I give you a little sneak peek? 

Okay, so, me and the boys will all have kind of alter egos. Me and Louis are studio producers/execs called Jonny and Harvey. We're gonna have to wear loads of prosthetics and stuff like that to make us look completely different. Zayn's gonna be an assistant called Veronica who in the video, will have "her" butt checked out by us boys so hats gonna be awkward. Oh well, who cares? Harry is gonna be a marketing guy called Marcel who's kind of nerdy so that'll be fun to see and last but not least, Liam's gonna be a gay choreographer called Leeroy which I cannot wait to watch him do it.

i think me and the boys have got a meeting about what's gonna happen these next couple of days so I have to go. 


Angharads POV:

Okay, is it possible for me to be anymore excited? No. Haha. I'm all packed and ready and just on my way to Chloe's house. Thank god it's only a short walk cause I wouldn't want to take my car as i don't want it to be left outside her place for 5 days, I much prefer it when I have it parked up in my garage where only I can get it.

I've just turned down onto her road and I can see a limo. holy crap. We have a limo. "Chloe!" I called as I stepped into her house.

"Angharad! Have you got all your bags?"

"Yeah, I'm all set!" 

"Great, lets go"

"crazy crazy crazy till we see the sun"

"I know we only met but lets pretend its love"

"and never never never stop for anyone"

"tonight lets get some"

"AND LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG!" We shout-sang together.


Chloes POV:

We're on the road to the airport and the limo driver was actually Liam's friend Andy Samuels! Crazy huh? So we've got him to blast out EVERY One Direction song and all three of us sang to out hearts content!  We've got to go now but we'll tell you more when we're on the plane!

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