Best Night Ever

Teenage girls Angharad and Chloe get the chance to help on set of One Direction's new music video 'Best Song Ever' which, for these girls, is a dream come true. Could this opportunity lead to romance? Or will it be a disaster made in hell?


3. Arriving in Orlando

Chloes POV:

Okay, so, the private jet(OMG) just landed in Orlando International Airport and there's another limo waiting to take me, Angharad and Andy to the boys' apartment where they're staying with 5 Seconds of Summer and obviously the guys in the band (Josh, Dan, Sandy and Jon).

Even though its not started yet properly, we are having the time of our lives! It's gonna be a great 5 days in Orlando and who knows? Maybe we'll get to go to Disney World with the boys! 

Me, Angharad and Andy are all chatting about random stuff-Andy is so funny! We've already say how we should do a huge twitcam with the boys! Haha if only! The limos almost arrived at the apartment and excitement is rushing through me so much. In about 5 minutes, I'm gonna be face-to-face with the 5 boys who I have loved for the past 3 years. 


Angharads POV:

i swear I'm gonna pass out soon from the excitement. We're gonna meet ONE DIRECTION!! It just so crazy and I can't believe it's happening! Woo! Haha! The whole plane ride here was insane! Me, Chloe and Andy had a WHOLE aeroplane to ourselves! How cool is that? We messed about like lunatics for the whole 8 and a half hours it took to get here. If this is what it's like with just Andy, I can't wait to see what it's like with the boys and their band and 5 seconds of summer (apparently they'll be there too-BONUS!) 

When we got off the plane and finished with customs and that, we stepped out of the airport into the hot Orlando air. I breathed in a scent that I was so familiar with, yet hadn't smelt it for about 8 years. You probably think I'm weird cause I like the smell of Orlando but I don't care because it brings back so many happy childhood memories. 

I used to come here loads for holidays before..the accident. But I'm not gonna ruin your moods with my family traumas so lets get on with meeting the boys! Can I get a woop woop? ((This is the part where you go "woop woop!"))


Andys POV:

These girls are hilarious! They're so laidback and chilled even though they're gonna be meeting their idols in about 5-10 minutes. I'm so excited for this cause I just know that Niall and Harry will take a 'liking' to them, IF you know what I mean *wink wink*

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