Best Night Ever

Teenage girls Angharad and Chloe get the chance to help on set of One Direction's new music video 'Best Song Ever' which, for these girls, is a dream come true. Could this opportunity lead to romance? Or will it be a disaster made in hell?


1. 1.This Is Us

Angharads POV:

Hey! I'm Angharad! I'm a regular teenage girl who absolutely LOVES One Direction! I'm really short, have long-ish brown hair and blue/green eyes. Now I'm not gonna bore you with a load of details bout me so why don't I introduce you to my best friend Chloe. She's just like me-she LOOVES 1D but she's really tall and has blonde hair with green eyes.

We're both obsessed with the boys which is why we get along so well! It's all we ever talk about! Haha, most people think we're crazy when we're hanging out in the park singing One Direction songs at the top of our voices but we don't care cause thats who we are so take it or leave it! We both met at middle school and have been great friends ever since! 


Now recently, we entered a competition to get the chance to help out on set of their new music video for Best Song Ever! How amazing is that?!?!! Chloe saw a link through twitter and entered us in it and now we are so excited for when we find out if we win!! I think Chloe gets an email today saying whether we won or not so she'll probs come over later to tell me! Ahh I can't wait!!! Even if the odds are against us!


Chloes POV:

Hi guys! I'm Chloe! I'm guessing Angharads already told you about us so I won't say too much apart from the fact that we entered ourselves in a competition to be on set for the filming of One Directions new music video for Best Song Ever and I've just got the email now that determines whether we are gonna meet our idols!!

Okay, lets have a look. Right, it says;


Chloe Haynes,

Thank you for entering in the competition to get the chance to be I'm set for the filming of our new music video, Best Song Ever. So many people entered and it was hard to choose just 1 entry from the millions that were sent in. Your entry was for you and a friend and your answer why you should win and no one else was very unique. It stood out from the rest. We liked it. So, basically, you've won!! And you're coming on a plane to Orlando to meet us and help us film the music video in Orlando, Florida! A limo will be at your house to collect you and your friend at approximately 9am tomorrow morning so be ready!


See you soon,

Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall and Liam

One Direction


OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! I can't believe this!! We're going to Orlando!!! And we're going to meet ONE DIRECTION!!! AAHH!! I can't wait to tell Angharad!!



Angharads POV:

I'm really nervous now because Chloe just called saying she's found out and she'll be over in five minutes. I just know that we've lost. I know it. I mean, what are the chances we would actually win? They're tiny.

Oh, here she is.

"So? Have we won?" I asked her. She didn't have to answer for me to know what she would say. The smile in her face said it all.

"WE'VE WON!!!!" She screamed. 

"OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!! I seriously can't believe this. Aahh! WE'RE GOING TO MEET ONE DIRECTION!!

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