Best Song Ever [Harry Styles]

Amy Cowell was abused by her father since her mother left them. Her father blamed Amy that she was the reason her mother left. Ever night he came drunk and beat her up. One night the neighbors heard her scrams and called the cops. Amy blacked so they had to take her to the hospital. They took her father to prison, the only family member she had was her uncle Simion Cowell. She moved in with him, her uncle was throwing a party and was inviting a lot of famous people. Simion was also going to introduce the band he manages. What happens when Harry lays his eyes on her? Would she play hard to get or not? What happens if he writes a song about her? READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!!


3. Chapter 3

Amy's POV

When I got inside the airport I saw a man holding a sign that said 'Amy' and he did have a bit of a resemblance of my father. So I made my way over to him. I hope it's him.

"Hi I'm Amy..." I said once I approached him.

"Yes Amy, do you remember me your Uncle Simon? I know we haven't talked in ages but it's awesome to finally see you again." he said with a half smile on his face.

"Yeah of course I do" I whispered.

"Well let's get going shall we?" he said as I followed him out the door and into a limo. Well I don't think I deserve this much treatment I thought to myself.


We pulled up into the driveway of a huge house. It was so big!!! What does he do for living? How could he afford all of this? I was so surprised.

"Your house is amazing" I said stepping out of the car holding my bags.

"Thank you Amy. But remember this is your house too from now and on, so make yourself at home okay?" He said.

"If you say so" I said quietly as we walked into the house. Holy this place is huge! The entrance was so open . To the left was the Livingroom and the right was the diningroom if we turned right for a bit we would walk into a huge kitchen. And in the middle was a huge staircase. There were another couple of rooms of doors upstairs that I would explore later.

"If you walk upstairs the first door to the left is your room okay?" he said.

"Ok i'll check it out right now" I answered. Just as I was about to make my way upstairs he quickly said.

"Oh and I know you just got here but at 8:30 I'm throwing a party. I bought you clothes and other stuff and there up your room."

"May I ask? Why are you throwing a party?" I asked.

"You really have know idea who I am?"

"My uncle" I answered, he chuckled.

"Besides that" I shook my head.

"I'm one of the judges from the X Factor" Wait I heard the that show before.

"Oh yeah!!!"

"I also want to introduce you to the band I mange."

"Ok" I answered and walked into my room.

It was pretty big, the walls were white and I had a queen size bed with a pink zebra print blanket. In the left there were two doors which I was guessing was the bathroom and the closet. And the right was a desk and a IMac!!! Then I looked closely and there was a bag there and a note sticking out of it. I put my bags down and closed the door behind me. I walked over to the desk and took out the stuff that was inside of it. Inside was three boxes, it was and IPhone 5, IPod 5, and a MacBook. It was all new, I cant believe be wasted all his money on me. I picked up the letter and it read:

Amy I hope you like your room and these presents I bought you. But I had some girls choose out some stuff for you. So go into your closet and see for yourself.

- Simon

I put the letter down and made my way over to the closet. I slowly opened the door. It was dark so I just turned on the lights. OMG!!! This closet is like the one Pairs has. It was the size of five full rooms, it was full of clothes and shoes. WOW. I turned off the lights and closed the door. I jumped on the bed and looked at the clock and saw that it was 12 so I guess I have time for a nap, and I slept like I never slept before.


I woke up by hearing music, people laughing, and screams. FUCK What time was it?! I glanced at  the clock and saw that it was 9:45. IM LATE FOR THE PARTY!!! I got up put some makeup on and straighten my hair. After I was done with that I got changed into a red strapless dress that went up to mid-thigh. I put a leather jacket over it and put some black highheels. I hope Simon doesn't get mad at me. I opened the door a went down downstairs.


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